The Lydster, Part 44: Mess

In the room where Lydia had been sleeping, there was a large closet that really limited the space a growing girl would need. So, while I was on a business trip, Carol, her father and our contractor had it taken down, which was fine. The trouble is that it left big holes in places that will have to be patched before the room can be reoccupied, mostly to avoid the dust.

This meant that Lydia had been sleeping in the guest room, in a very large bed. While she was comfortable sleeping alone in her Lydia-sided bed, she’s loath to do it in the big bed, but “needs” someone to sleep with. This is normally my wife, who I wake up 30 minutes after we they go to bed. But sometimes, I can’t wake her, and end up sleeping alone. When Carol has evening meetings, I’m the one who ends up sleeping with the child, and apparently, I cannot be awakened, though I generally wake up on my own and go back to my bed.

Once the room was repaired, then the room was repainted, for the former closet area was totally a different color from the rest of the room. I’m thinking, “I cannot wait. My daughter in her room, in her bed. My wife and I in our bed, all night. I can’t wait.”

So the room is ready, but the girl is not. As I feared, she got acclimated to the guest room, and finds her nice new room foreign, even with all in there. I hear patience is a virtue; I must be a virtuous soul.


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