Timing Is Everything

It was four years ago. I was at a church with a BIG (100″)-screen TV. It was halftime of the game, and I wasn’t all that interested in the performers. So I went to the kitchen to get something to eat. And I missed Nipplegate.

Sure, I’ve caught it on the Internet subsequently – THAT was what the excitement was about? – but I wasn’t even aware of it, really, until the next day, though the announcers were making some vague comments in the second half that didn’t quite register at the time.

Since then, the FCC was SHOCKED! by this lewd behavior and fined CBS a zillion dollars.

Janet Jackson was vilified, not allowed to go on some awards show that was coming up, and became the poster child for our declining society. She’s had minimal commercial success since, relatively speaking.

Justin Timberlake got to go on the awards show and apologize, has had massive commercial success and is responsible for an extremely popular Saturday Night Live bit that was at least as risque as Nipplegate. Of course, it was after 11:30 pm, so “our children” weren’t exposed to it. Unless they happen to have access to YouTube or like entities.

Oh, yeah. That Super Bowl game in Houston four years ago was one of the best, with New England beating Carolina 32-29.


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