Forgotten Foods

ADD wrote a forgotten foods piece about foods that were common at his family’s dinner table when he was growing up in the 1960s and 1970s that he no longer eats; I thought I’d do the same though I’m more than a decade older.

But before making my list, which will be relatively short, I’d comment on HIS list.

Rack of Lamb with Mint Jelly – had this on Easter Sunday for the first time in years. I’d forgotten how much I liked it.

Harvey Wallbanger Cake – don’t know if I ever had this. Certainly my mother didn’t make it.

Liver and Onions – when I was a bit anemic earlier this year, I went out and had liver with onions. Onions have to be sauteed. A half pound of liver and a whole package of frozen spinach. I liked it. Neither my wife or daughter were around, but my wife came home and could smell it, and I don’t mean the onions.

Chipped Beef on Toast – I’d forgotten about this. I did have this. Whether it was at my house, my grandmother’s, or at a restaurant, I don’t remember, but I do recall liking it.

Codfish – Yes, Alan, I do recall frozen cod, though in a paper box. Another one I haven’t had in decades.

Turkey Soup after Thanksgiving – Still happens at my in-laws’ house, and, on the rare time that Thanksgiving’s been at my house, at mine.

Spam – I know I bought this even in my twenties, but not for as long time.

Vienna Sausages – I know I ate them at some point in my distant past, but I can’t remember what they tasted like.

Beets – Specifically, can beets in my childhood. HATED them. HATED them. Had to eat them. Put mustard on them to kill the taste, which was only marginally successful. Beets to me are as broccoli was to GHWB; I’m a grown-up, don’t have to eat them. Did I mention I HATED them?

Mincemeat Pie – like ADD, served at Thanksgiving. Like ADD, I passed, though always took a bite to see if my taste buds had developed. After all, everyone said it was “good”, and it was pie. Usually, I like pie; not this time.

Filet Mignon – did NOT have in my childhood. Probably last had on my birthday two or three years ago.

Raw Oysters and Frogs Legs – Nope.

So, what else do I remember from my childhood? Canned everything.
Canned juice, mostly DelMonte; do they make that any more? You took a can opener made a hole in one side, a slightly smaller hole on the other and pour it right out of the can. Later, when we feared contamination from the “tin” can, poured it into a pitcher.
Canned waxed beans. Vile, unappetizing yellow beans. Tasted like, lessee – wax.
Also, canned carrots, peas, beans, spinach – canned spinach, despite Popeye’s claims, wasn’t very good.
Canned sweet potatoes.
The only thing we still have in cans are fruits and soups.

Suddenly, I’m not all that hungry.

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