March Ramblin'

As in March 33rd:
From here:
A Toronto university student will not be expelled for running a Facebook study group that his school had argued constituted cheating. Ryerson University’s Faculty Appeals Committee announced the decision to spare Chris Avenir on Tuesday afternoon, a week after his expulsion hearing.

The 18-year-old will be required to take a course on academic misconduct and will have a note on his transcript saying he was disciplined, said Nora Loreto, president of the Ryerson Students Union. Avenir will also get a zero on one of his assignments, worth 10 per cent of his course grade, Loreto said.”

Avenir’s lawyer said Tuesday that Avenir has not yet decided if he will appeal the decision. “It’s a finding he’s not at all comfortable with. He doesn’t believe that it’s fair or appropriate,” lawyer John Adair said.
I don’t think it’s fair or appropriate, either.
31 Days to Building a Better Blog. At one point I started doing this, but it fell apart.
An old friend is starting a grassroots effort to get Andrew Jackson off the twenty dollar bill. This is due to his heinous and illegal actions in the Indian Removal. I have found that most people I talk to about it really have no idea just what he did. They start off being amused at this nutty notion of mine and get serious very fast when hearing the facts. I believe that the time is ripe to get this mass murderer off the twenty. We need to stop offending and disrespecting our American Indian citizens by making them look at his face every time they see a twenty dollar bill. To that end, I am drawing Hitler moustaches on every twenty that passes through my hands, and also putting the address of my website, on the bills also. If people who feel as I do started doing the same, and started spreading the idea by word of mouth, I believe we can bring awareness to large numbers of people, and begin to move towards the process of actually getting him removed. It’s a small thing in comparison to all the other injustices, and something I have been called to do.
Please visit my site, and consider joining me in my efforts. Also, pass this on to whomever you think might be interested.

I happen to think drawing Hitler mustaches on $20 bills is silly; using a rubber stamp would be far more effective.


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