Since May 15, 1999

I had this dream back in February that Carol and I were going to be getting married. We were in this enormous mansion, and guests were already arriving, and flowers and champagne were being delivered when I realized that we had neglected to secure clergy for the ceremony. Somehow, I found someone in the crowd to officiate. But then I noted that we had also neglected to get a wedding license, and for that, we had no work-around. After pouting for several minutes, we started telling the guests and the caterers. The food and flowers were given away to the visitors, but the champagne was stored in the basement for another day.

Fortunately, none of that actually happened nine years ago. It wasn’t in a mansion but in our then-church. We remembered all the important details, including the rings. I don’t think we HAD champagne, but only because the church basement, where we had the reception, was “dry”.

I had to laugh when I read this post from Alan David Doane: “Sunday Stuff — Mother’s Day is here again, my annual reminder that I didn’t really plan my wedding anniversary (in less than two weeks) with any kind of budget or common sense in mind.” Well, if he botched it, I botched it worse, for, this year, Mother’s Day and our anniversary are only four days apart. Of course, we didn’t know for sure that we’d even have a child.

Happy ninth anniversary, honey!
I neglected to mention Rocco Nigro’s birthday yesterday. But our mutual friend Fred Hembeck did. BTW, Fred and Rocco, Coverville did a Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds cover story this week. I’ve only gotten through side one so far, but I like it.

Side 1?

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