QUESTION: Time vs. Quality of Life

A couple weekends ago, we (OK, my wife) bought furniture for our porch. They come in these large cardboard boxes. Once upon a time, these boxes would have ended up in the garbage, but there I was cutting up the boxes, making them ready for the recycling. It took time, over a half hour for all of the boxes. It was a tradeoff between by time and the quality of life I want to maintain.

I’m recalling the local experiment the local paper Times Union did with test riders bus riders. One of the riders said, “I don’t know how anyone could subject themselves to that. (I excoriate them here.)

So the question is simple in structure: What do you do that could be done faster but that you feel is important to take on in a slower manner? My wife makes brownies from scratch. Maybe you participate in a gardening project. There’s a “slow-cook” movement that you might be part of. Perhaps you sew, knit, crochet. I was going to note that we compost, but I just don’t think of the time we spend separating the compostables from the other items as that substantial, though it does reduce the amount of trash we put out weekly.

Miss Wasilla for 1984, Sarah Palin.


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