I’ve tried, really tried not to talk much about Barack Obama lately. Part of it is a deep abiding irritation that there’s been so much blather about how he hasn’t solved the economic crisis yet. The obvious point, of course, is that HE’S NOT PRESIDENT YET. I find that I’m even more annoyed with the incumbent, who, rather than trying to burnish his image in his last days, seems to have abdicated the position.

Then there’s all the talk, mostly from the left, about the formation of his cabinet. I identify as left of center politically, and I’m fine with his Cabinet choices. I must admit that I practically giggled when he chose Eric Shinseki as his secretary for the VA, a bit of in-your-face towards the Bush administration. Beyond that, nothing shocking. It seems as though some people were expecting Obama to create a Secretary of Peace and pick Dennis Kucinich to run it.

Some are making a big deal out of some recent Republican victories since November 4, suggesting that Obama’s lost his touch. Saxby Chambliss won reelection in the runoff for his U.S. Senate seat in Georgia, but he was leading before. John Fleming kept the seat of retiring Rep. Jim McCrery in Louisiana. Then, Republican newcomer Anh “Joseph” Cao beat a corrupt incumbent, William Jefferson, in a heavily Democratic Louisiana congressional district; he’ll be the first Vietnamese-American elected to Congress and the first Republican to hold that seat since 1891, a seat held by both of ABC News’ Cokie Roberts’ parents, BTW. What all this really has to do with Obama is lost on me.

Headline from the Evans-Novak Political Report: Blagojevich arrest causes headache for Obama. well, not so much. The Illinois governor’s foul-mouth tirade after learning he’d get nothing for the Senate seat he wanted to hold hostage most observers found exculpatory re: the Obama camp.

I’ve found the whole “native-born American”/birth certificate issue both quite irritating and fascinating. The birth certificate issue I believe is dead, but the constitutional eligibility issue – his father, as a Kenyan, was a British subject – remains live. It’s discussed ad nauseum here, especially the comments, but I think the law will settle the issue favorbly.

Not incidentally, if Obama WERE declared ineligible to serve, what the heck would happen then? I’ve been looking at the 12th Amendment to the Constitution, but it offers no guidance.

There are those who believe that Obama Should Prosecute Bush Officials Who Designed Torture Policy. I’m good with that.

So, my question is in the title. How do you think Obama’s doing, given the fact that…well, I think I already mentioned that.

There’s no one as Irish as Barack OBama- Corrigan Brothers


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