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One of the things I just don’t understand is that a number of people have started following me on Twitter. A few of them are at least Internet buds, but most of them I do not know in the least, don’t know how they came to my Twitter feed, and don’t know what it is that is appealing enough for total strangers to want to “follow me”. Britney Spears, I ain’t.

At the same time, I seem to have developed a sense of responsibility/guilt? over the fact that I’m just not yet that proficient a Twitterer/Tweeter. Unlike this blog, I can go three or four days without posting a thing there. Moreover, I haven’t really got a handle on what 140-character message I wish to share.

Interestingly, I DO submit things to my work Twitter account more frequently; it’s easier because it’s mostly business community related. And I have less a feeling of responsibility because there are 150 potential contributors, though in fact it’s usually done by a half dozen of the usual suspects.

But the few times I find something that I think is interesting on a personal or cultural level, I’m usually busy at work or just too tired. These things tend to be time-sensitive, too. I may find it interesting that Bill Richardson stopped the process to be Commerce Secretary, but by the time I have time to tweet it, it’s common knowledge.

Or I wonder if the content should better be put in the blog. Or not at all. There were pieces I considered for the Tweet, passed on, then, as I contemplated the blog, decided, “Boy, I’m glad I didn’t write THAT!” Maybe I’m not that spontaneous a guy.

I DO like to respond directly to folks I know on twitter. I told mikesterling: “My high school prom music was ‘All Things Must Pass’. By George Harrison.” (We were VERY serious young people.) I SHOULD HAVE told tomthedog that not only do I find the word “tweeting” silly, It makes me feel as though I’m in some damn Warner Brothers cartoon.

But I am embracing it. I think the article from last week’s Metroland says it for me:

Twittering Not Just for Annoying Bulls*** Any Longer

Want to know what your friends are doing right now? Neither do we. That’s why we’d written off Twitter almost immediately after hearing about it. But, as usual, our lack of enthusiasm for the latest social-networking craze was the unfortunate side effect of us being old. This year we were won over by a slew of adventurous media outlets that found truly interesting uses for this ridiculously simple little Web app, from the local paper breaking news on its Twitter feed or publishing tweet follow-ups on developing stories to The New York Times tweeting links to its latest stories. So we are sorry, Twitter, for doubting you, and we resolve here and now to embrace the power of the tweet.

But be careful out there. According to WayneJohn, there’s a Twitter phishing scam going on. Also, mistyping Twitter can get some interesting results as well.
FOLLOW FAIL: The Top Ten Reasons I Will Not Follow You on Twitter

Cartoon from the Westport (CT) Public Library.

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