P is for Photography

And now for something completely indulgent. Hey, it’s a blog; by definition it’s indulgent.

One of my sister sent my five -year-old daughter two one-use cameras, and I had no idea what she was photographing. The only instruction I gave her was to use the flash when she was inside. This is what she came up with, and I didn’t alter them in any way:

These first three items I believe are gifts she received for her birthday.

The ballerina costume – on the floor?

Most of her plushes have very unimaginative names. This is Unoicorn; I blame the TV shows Little Bear and Franklin, where most of the characters have likewise boring nomenclatures.

No Imelda Marcos here.

Not only did she take the picture, she laid out the blanket and arranged the subjects.

Difficult to tell here, but the piece on the right is a piece of her artwork; the item on the left is 1000 years of British monarchies.

Do all only children refer to their stuffed creatures as their sisters?


I’m assuming this is the ABC-TV program Dancing with the Stars. I don’t watch it; the child watches it with the wife.

Deerie. (Not to be confused with the late Blossom Dearie.)

There are a whole bunch of self-portraits. Lot of them are just strange mixes of colors. She also took some headless photos of her mother, and one of my back.

I took this one: the photographer.
Ringo Starr – Photograph, written by George Harrison and Ringo Starr.


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