The Lydster, Part 62: Humor

Anyone who’s been around a five-year-old – anyone who remembers BEING a five-year-old, knows that humor at that age has…a different level of sophistication than one develops later. Certainly Lydia has some of that. She also, however, does things that generally makes me smile.

Her primary M.O. is to mislead about what she’s doing. She can’t find clothes to wear, but then voila, she’s dressed in her clothes for the day. Or she’s too tired to put on her pajamas. Then presto, she’s in them.

However, she’s also found slightly more sophisticated variation. We were watching “Go, Diego, GO!” (Why me, why?) At the end of each of the animal rescuer’s adventure, he and his sister Alicia ask four review questions that are really rather obvious, even if you hadn’t watched the show. One example was does a certain dinosaur eat leaves or bologna sandwiches. (Hint: nowhere in the show were sandwiches of any kind.)

In the beginning Lydia would get them right. But now, she’s figured out that these questions are so inane that she deliberately gets them wrong, and follows it by “Oh, man!” and the appropriate arm gesture. She has a sly twinkle in her eye that shows that she’s pulling my leg, and I find it genuinely funny.

“Oh, man!”, BTW, for those of you lucky enough not to have seen it, is the response Diego’s cousin’s Dora’s nemesis Swiper says when she stops Swiper from stealing something. She, her friend Boots and YOU get to say, thrice, “Swiper, no swiping”, and the fox, if he’s caught, will reply with “Oh, MAN!” Oh, bother.


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