What I Am

My old friend Uthaclena (and by OLD, I mean more than a week older than I am) got all philosophically musing on us recently. Worker, son, husband, father, this-and-that. These are not just voices – these are personae and skill sets, some greater, some lesser, a psychic closet of costumes and masks from among which we may select.

I am a son, brother, husband, father. But I have, either by my own doing, or those imposed on me, been defined by other roles.

Bus guy – not only is CDTA a primary form of transportation for me, but I’m pretty good at answering questions about the best way to get from here to there by bus – or IF one can get there. Assuming I’ve ridden the route more than a couple times, I can pretty much suss out the system.

Bicycle guy – though I barely rode for a year for various reasons, there are folks who know me from one two-wheeler or another.

Cereal guy – I swear there are people in my building who don’t even know my name but could tell you what I have for breakfast (or occasionally lunch) each weeekday: Cheerios and/or Spoom-Size Shredded Wheat.

JEOPARDY! guy – it’s sorta like the Oscars. OK, more like the Golden Globes.

Luddite guy or alternatively, computer guy – the former is most definitely true. I remember someone who was talking about compression of my iTunes folder; I was just happy I could figue out how to download music at all. And don’t get me started about my cellphone. Yet some people who are even more inept technologically than I am keep asking questions that even I can answer.

Blog guy – less from this blog as from the other blog, even though I’ve been doing this one for over three years longer. It helps that occasionally, the text has appeared in the newspaper, providing a faux sense of authority.

Black guy – often I’m the only black male in a situation. So if someone who didn’t know me by name were to ask who I was in a group, he or she might ask: “Who is that balding guy?” Well, they could, but it’d probably be more efficient, and not at all racialist, to ask the more obvious question.

I took one of those personality tests a while back, and I’m an INFP:
Extraverted 16% Introverted 84%
Sensing 47% Intuition 53%
Thinking 32% Feeling 68%
Judging 16% Perceiving 84%
Some people are surprised that I am as introverted as I score; I am not.

So, to quote the musings of a fellow March Piscean, a Roger named Daltry, who are YOU?
Here’s something really silly:
OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

Created by OnePlusYou – Free Dating Site

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

death (5x) breast (3x) dead (2x) vulva (1x)

My sister asked, and I don’t know. Does anyone know who produced “Daily Bread”, shown here?


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