Movies of the Aughts Meme

Jaquandor found this meme here and here. Perhaps I and/or they should have waited until 2009 was over at least, not unlike that 12/4 Entertainment Weekly edition which listed the famous people that died in 2009; nobody dies in December?

Anyway, the point of the exercise is to pick not “The Best” movies of 2000-2009, but one’s favorite films. “This list means nothing, except to me. It’s a list of 50 movies that gave me pleasure over the past decade. I can say without reservation that I would watch any of these again. Would I say that all of them are great films, however great films are supposed to be defined? Probably not. But that’s nothing you need to worry about. Because it’s my list.”

In alphabetical order:

1. About a Boy
2. Almost Famous
3. Amélie
4. American Splendor*
5. Away From Her
6. Bend It Like Beckham
7. Best in Show*
8. Capote
9. Catch Me If You Can
10. Chicago*
11. Chicken Run
12. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
13. Erin Brockovich
14. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind*
15. Far From Heaven
16. Finding Nemo
17. Finding Neverland
18. The 40 Year-Old Virgin
19. High Fidelity*
20. An Inconvenient Truth
21. The Incredibles*
22. Iron Man
23. Juno
24. Little Miss Sunshine
25. Love Actually
26. Man On A Train
27. Mean Girls
28. Milk
29. Once
30. A Prairie Home Companion
31. Pride and Prejudice
32. Punch-Drunk Love
33. Requiem for a Dream*
34. The Rookie
35. The Savages
36. Sicko
37. Sideways
38. Spider-Man
39. Spider-Man 2*
40. Spirited Away
41. Spy Kids
42. The Squid and the Whale
43. The Station Agent*
44. Stranger Than Fiction*
45. Up
46. The Visitor
47. Volver
48. Waitress
49. Whale Rider
50. You Can Count On Me*

But, in fact, I have gotten into a pattern where I DON’T see movies a second time anymore, as I did in in the 1970s and 1980s; more movies, less time. The only film I saw even parts of more than once is The Incredibles. The movies asterisked comprise my “Top 10” list, using the same criteria.


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