What a Jerk

I wasn’t going to bother talking about this, but Rose actually changed my mind.

January 21, I get a virtual greeting card signed by a nickname (I’ll call it SP), starting off Hi ROGUE. The card itself was basically giving me the finger. Two days later, another virtual card from SP using another greeting card company with a similar message.

Then I get a NICE comment on my blog from SP. I am confused.

Soon I discovered that the e-mail belonged to particular person. Ah HA! Except that there is a notice on the blog of SP saying that she is no longer using that e-mail, which led me to the conclusion that, somehow, her e-mail had been hijacked.

January 30, another e-mail, allegedly from SP but from a different e-mail address, from that second virtual card vendor. A card with this lovely sentiment: SINCE YOU FOLLOW THAT B**** [name}’S BLOG {url] LIKE A DOG AND SINCE I AM A B**** THIS IS THE MESSAGE I WANT TO TELL YOU.STOP DOING IT RIGHT NOW!! IF YOU CANT UNDERSTAND TELL ME. WILL TELL YOU THIS ON YOUR UGLY FACE DIRECTLY AS I AM SOMEONE PATHETIC,RABID,ECCENTRIC,THOUGHTLESS,TYRANNICAL,YUCKY

Now I don’t know this person named in this message at all. BUT when I write to this second person, she DOES know the real SP, is good friends with SP, and doubts the real SP would send such unpleasantness her way, or mine.

So all I know about the writer of the e-mails are these facts:

He or she is a coward, hiding under a wall of anonymity.
He or she is apparently a thief, stealing someone else’s identity.
He or she is unimaginative, needing some website to convey feelings. At least the third message has content, demented as it is.

I’m really at a loss as to why I’M getting these messages.
Am I supposed to cry? I might have when I was 12 or 13; I was very sensitive then. Am I supposed to get angry? I might have even 20 years ago, but what’s the point of getting angry with a coward?
Am I supposed to feel a sense of contrition? Well I might, if I had a REAL idea what I’m supposed to feel badly about.
Am I supposed to feel pity? As Charlie Brown said to Lucy Van Pelt, “That’s it!”
Or to quote another pop culture reference, “I pity the fool.”


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