Sugar Doll and Happiness 101

I want to thank Lisa at Peripheral Perceptions for giving some bloggy award called the Sugar Doll and Happiness 101.

As is usually the case, I have obligations:

10 things about myself:

I can no longer remember the names of recent movies if the title is really boring and generic. I’d give you an example, but I can’t remember one.

I hate going to parties with lots of people, because, invariably, I’ll have a difficult time remembering names. I can tell you lots of things ABOUT the person – he skis, she majored in Italian in college – but with names, I’m awful.

Conversely, I’m reasonably great in remembering seven-digit numbers, such as phone numbers. I might go to a blog and see there are three comments, come back two days later, see that there are three comments, and remember that fact.

When I sold my comic book collection in 1994, i kept my collections, such as Marvel Massterworks, because I wanted to be able to just read the stories without worrying about “condition”. So it’s slightly disappointing that the Masterworks themselves have a certain collectible value.

I’m STILL trying to find a Kentucky D (as in Denver) quarter, as well as the 2009 territory coins. I’m not even trying to collect the national parks coins, because the Mint seems to make it a cash cow, not only for itself, but for the coin selling dealers, by circulating such paltry numbers. This rather ticks me off, actually.

When I have two or three glasses of wine, I get loquacious. I mean, more than usual.

I’m collecting Hess trucks so that I can play with them when my wife and daughter are away; this happens infrequently.

I’ve had my Netflix copy of the Hurt Locker since March, shortly before the Oscars, trying to find some free block of time to watch it. I could return it, of course, but now I’m DETERMINED to see it first. Memorial Day weekend is my next window of opportunity.

My second favorite musical, after West Side Story, is Fiddler on the Roof. Fiddler, Hair and The Lion King are all playing at Proctor’s Theatre in Schenectady next year, and we’re seriously considering going to all three.

I get along so well with my daughter because I have stuffed animals of my own.

10 things that make me happy

1. Making other people laugh.
2. Having developed good relationships that I can get help when I need it.
3. Being a Coverville Citizen
4. Voting, even when it doesn’t gob the way I want it to.
5. Riding my bike down a hill. I’d feel the wind blowing through my hair except for the facts that I’m wearing a helmet and that I have no hair to speak of.
6. Words from the French or Italian, even if I don’t understand them.
7. Getting an answer on JEOPARDY! when none of the contestants do.
8. Hugs.
9. Reading the newspaper; happens in spurts.
10. Thunderstorm , when I’m home.

I’m supposed to pass it on, but I’m too tired to think of more than one. SparkleFarkle, who’s just plain weird. I mean that in a GOOD way.

0 thoughts on “Sugar Doll and Happiness 101”

  1. Thanks for playing. I’m sure after a few glasses of wine, your loquaciousness is very entertaining! And you are correct, SparkleFarkle IS just plain weird…definitely in a good way.


  2. Re: your comment on my blog for R — the DOG was cute, Roger! You were supposed to be looking at the dog! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  3. hey roger
    its funny that you have hurt locker from netflix for so long because we have had it for some time too,maybe 2 months from netflix!! we tried netflix out and we would watch a film a week but then we got hurt locker and have not found the time. maybe because all the new tv shows are on full blast……on the marvel masterworks,i thought the prices had dropped once marvel re-issued the line so its easier and cheaper to get now


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