A Solstice Tradition Continues: Ask Roger ANYTHING!

It is once again time for the operator of this blog to hand over the keys, so to speak, when you ask him anything you want. And he HAS to answer. Now he may answer with obfuscation, but he cannot outright lie.

Here are some examples:
What is my favorite song performed by one artist, made more popular by a subsequent artist, but the version I prefer is by the former? (Got that?)

The answer: I Heard It Through the Grapevine, a big, #2 hit for Gladys Knight and the Pips, only to be trumped by Marvin Gaye’s much slower, much more successful, take. In part, I felt badly for the Pips when they would go on the road and people would ask them, “Why are you doing that Marvin Gaye song?”, which had to be irritating to GK&P, enough so that they left Motown at their first opportunity. Moreover, the resurection of Gaye’s version during the Big Chill movie’s popularity made it become actually irritating to me for a time. (Rather how I feel about the once perfectly fine Brown-Eyed Girl by Van Morrison, and other songs I hear too often.) But tell me: in this version, can YOU only really hear Marvin’s vocal, as I do? THIS is really cool.

Who was I rooting for in the NBA playoffs?

Actually, I don’t really follow the NBA all that much. That said, I started tiring of hearing about the “inevitable” Cleveland/LA Lakers finals, so I ended up rooting for the Boston Celtics, pretty much as a reaction to the pundits.

Post your questions in the comments, or e-mail me. I’ll use your name unless you specifically request otherwise. Of course, if you don’t leave your name, my chances of being snarky are DRAMATICALLY increased. Sooner, rather than later, I’ll answer your questions in this blog.

Oh, yeah, and since a question (of five words or more) is considered a comment, you’ll also get an entry in my GIVEAWAY; see sidebar for details.

0 thoughts on “A Solstice Tradition Continues: Ask Roger ANYTHING!”

  1. What, if any, was your favorite comic strip or comic book when you were young. Mine was Dennis The Menace. It was the first comicbook I ever read.


  2. 1. Do you have any interest in the World Cup?

    2. Who do you think will win the AL and NL Pennant this year?

    3. Who wins the World Series?

    4. Is there a novel that you have always meant to read, or feel you should read, but haven’t yet?

    5. What was the craziest question you have been asked from one of these sessions?

    6. What is your opinion on how BP and the government are handing the oil spill in the Gulf?

    7. Is there a piece of art (painting, sculpture, etc.) that you really admire?


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