The Lydster, Part 75: Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Ah, found pictures! Last summer, I took Lydia to some jazz music festival at the Hudson River Riverfront in Albany. Don’t much remember the music – I liked it, she, not so much – because the daughter was getting antsy. So we wandered through the vendor area and got something to eat.

Then we came across a booth for face painting. And it cost only one dollar. These pictures don’t do the artistry justice.

We walked throughout the area, and people, unbidden kept asking, “Where did you get that done?” Quite unintentionally, we became great ambassadors for the booth.

Afterwards, we took the bus home, and she was definitely the A-topic on the vehicle.

It was too bad when she had to take off the makeup before bed.

So I want to thank the talented woman who brought a lot of happiness Lydia’s way for the day.

The William Blake poem, Tyger Tyger Burning Bright

0 thoughts on “The Lydster, Part 75: Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright”

  1. That reminds of the Tangerine Dream album titled “Tyger” where they wrote a few songs based on Blake’s poetry.

    Boy, Nigel wouldn’t sit still long enough to have that done to him. It’s a chore for whomever is cutting his hair.


  2. As a former facepainter, I say, “wonderful job!” And the imagination that made the face come alive was definitely worth the dollar spent.


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