30 Day Challenge: Day 10 – Favorite Outfit

It occurred to me that this picture has many of the elements of my “favorite outfit”. To wit:

HAT: always wear a hat or cap outdoors for protection from the sun. I find most hats don’t fit me. My head’s too big, and I don’t mean that metaphorically. I had these two porkpie hats, but they’ve gone MIA; the wife put them away for the winter and I haven’t seen them since. I’ve discovered that adjustable caps with a platic band don’t fit me either; they tend to sit on top of my head like a crown. By comparison, caps with a cloth adjustable ban DO tend to fit me.

SUNGLASSES: always. I like to wear the yellow ones for reasons explained here.

LONG SLEEVES: even in summer, unless it’s going to be 90 degrees F, in which case, I slather on the sunscreen. Again, a precaution against severe burning.

PANTS: solid color, usually black or blue, almost always long, as opposed to shorts.

SNEAKERS: almost always these, rather than shoes, when not at work or church, usually Chuck Taylor, and at least once a week, the red Chucks. People LOVE the red Chucks; every time I’m wearing them, at least three people compliment me.

When I was on JEOPARDY! a dozen years ago, I was wearing my red Chucks during the warm up games. but when I was selected to play, I changed into new, uncomfortable hard-soled shoes, much to my fellow contestants’ disappointment. To this day, I figure if I were wearing my red Chucks, I would have been more relaxed and therefore would have played better.

I feel as though, as a former retailer of comics-related products, I ought to have an opinion on the new Wonder Woman costume; since I haven’t the title in nearly two decades, I don’t. A friend of mine sent this “fix” to the change, about which I’m neither here or there. I am actually more vaguely irritated in her diminished powers; there is some comic booky rationale for it, but it’s disappointing, regardless.

0 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Day 10 – Favorite Outfit”

  1. The new version is a lot more fashionable 😉 By the way, my hubby used to watch Jeopardy! almost every day when he was in college in the US…


  2. The only thing constant is change. I’m with you though, why did they diminish her powers? Was she a threat to some male superhero ego? Is it setting the stage for a dramatic comeback? Inquiring minds want to know.


  3. Chucks are cool. Red Chucks are even cooler. You SHOULD be compliments on them. I almost bought a pair of dark blue ones couple of yeas back, but I prefer Vans over Chucks.


  4. Wonder Woman is more of a marketing tool for DC, sometimes I get the feeling they don’t really care if the comic sells or not.


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