Top 25 albums of last 20 years QUESTION

Inspired by Johnny Bacardi, here are my favorite albums of the last two decades. Not necessarily the best.

Rules: Create a non-objective list of your favorite albums of the last 20 years (anything released between 1990 and now), remember, this is your FAVORITES so, if Maroon 5’s Songs about Jane was your favorite album, that should be number 1, even if you feel Nevermind was a more influential album.

As JB says: “I have no doubt that I will forget several. Also, for no good reason, I’m naming one album per artist.” Actually, I do have a giood reason: it would be heavily influenced by John R. Cash.

The quiz did not pick a number of albums, but JB picked 25, so I did as well. The first ten are pretty solid, not necessarily in that order; the next 15 are as I thought of them, and I may be missing something. I actively avoided the compilations of music I already have such as Psychedlic Soul by the Temptations or even LOVE by the Beatles.

Oh Brother, Where Are Thou soundtrack
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road – Lucinda Williams
Love and Theft – Bob Dylan
The Road to Ensenada – Lyle Lovett
Ingenue – k.d. lang
Unchained (American II) – Johnny Cash
The Seeger Sessions – Bruce Springsteen
Red, Hot + Blue: A Tribute to Cole Porter
Come On Come On – Mary Chapin Carpenter
Harvest Moon – Neil Young

Achtung Baby – U2
Winter Light – Linda Ronstadt
Concert for George (Harrison)
Home – Dixie Chicks
Night Train to Nashville: Music City Rhythm and Blues, 1945-1970
Van Lear Rose – Loretta Lynn
Black Cadillac – Rosanne Cash
Other People’s Lives – Ray Davies
We’ll Never Turn Back – Mavis Staples
American Idiot – Green Day
Nevermind – Nirvana
Dirt Farmer – Levon Helm
The Rhythm of the Saints – Paul Simon
Out of Time – R.E.M.
Wildflowers – Tom Petty

Some recent albums that might be on the list in the future, had I had time enough to listen more often:
Good Evening, New York City – Paul McCartney
INTERPRETATIONS: The British Rock Songbook – Bettye LaVette
The Sea – Corinne Bailey Rae

Now I’m picking YOU to select your five or fifty FAVORITE albums in the last 20 years, NOT necessarily the BEST.
Also, tell me if this ever happen to you: I was listening to the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers album this week, one of my two favorite Stones’ collection. I had the headphones on at work, and wasn’t specifically paying attention when I Got the Blues came on. At about 2:30 in, suddenly I got very sad, listening to the organ of the late Billy Preston. I’m sure I’ve listened to the album at least a few times since Billy died (on 06/06/2006), yet it really got to me this time. Did you ever hear a song that you’ve heard many times before, then, for some reason, you hear it with new ears?

0 thoughts on “Top 25 albums of last 20 years QUESTION”

  1. Something else for me to do ….. hopefully.

    By the way, it interests me to see Green Day in your list. I haven’t really given them much of a listen. They just didn’t seem like my type. Given your taste in music though, I think I need to give them a chance.


  2. Mary Chapin Carpenter- Come On, Come On- Liz Phair-Liz Phair- Van Morison- The Skiffle Session- Nirvana – Nevermind Jay-z- The Black Album. I love all kinds of music, no matter the genre.


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