30-Day Challenge: Day 19 – Something That Made You Smile Today

Spam can be a real PITA, as I know Rose and SamuraiFrog have written about recently. Even with comment moderation and/or the Akismet filter, I probably spend a couple hours per week scanning my various blogs; among other things, I have to make sure that items in the spam folder are actually spam, as I have found legitimate comments there, usually from people in Asia, for some reason.

Still, when the day (or the week) is beating me up, when REAL comments are getting under my skin – not on this blog, but elsewhere – I have found some spam unintentionally hilarious. And where else can you receive such unfettered confirmation?

Review of the movie Salt: “A thoughtful opinion and ideas I will use on my website. You’ve obviously spent a lot of time on this. Thank you!”
A recent picture of me: “This is all very new to me and this article actually opened my eyes.Thanks for sharing with us your wisdom.” (That’s what my wisdom is for!)
Animal adjectives: “I am without a doubt thankful to you for providing us with this invaluable files. My spouse and I are in truth grateful, absolutely the material we needed.” (Why you and your wife would need a list of animal adjectives is beyond me, but I don’t judge.)
Animal adjectives: “Actually actually very good weblog publish which has received me considering. I by no means looked at this out of your stage of look at.”
Hiroshima: “I knew I was correct. My friend and I placed a bet about which web site was superior. I thought your webpage was much much better produced, but she believed this post on trendy style ideas was much much better. We rounded up 5 loved ones memebers who experienced not seen possibly web site prior to to study them every a lot more than. Majority chose your site. Thanks for maintaing an excellent website.” (I so hate to be the cause of strife with your friend.)
My favorite outfit : “I actually decided to produce a simple video about this, I would be pleased if you would possibly take a moment to look at it and perhaps leave a message about what you think, I left the video url in the “website” field, hopefully you can access it, thank you a lot.” (I am SO flattered, my red sneakers are flattered…)
Current grades: “Good stuff. this is why i love reading blogs other than my full time career as a dentist.” (Dentistry and blog reading go together like…)
My childhood picture: “Thank you for this lovely post, even if it took quite a long time to complete reading. (English is not my native tongue) May I ask where you got your sources from? Thank you!” (My source is my mother, thank you.)
Animal adjectives: “I hope you would not mind if I put up a part of this site on my univeristy blog?” (You go ahead and do that.)

Spam is unfortunately a part of Internet life. I’m trying to make the best of it, and when I can, laughter is my chosen tactic.

0 thoughts on “30-Day Challenge: Day 19 – Something That Made You Smile Today”

  1. ah yes some of those phrases are deliberately made to sound as though they’ve actually read your blog – experienced bloggers can spot them a mile off and quickly delete but they can certainly fool newbies.


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