A Perfect Ten

Twelve times a century, indeed, the first 12 years in the century, there will be a day when the day, month, and year all line up, then nothing for the following 88 years. But 10 is the only round number, and round numbers seem to have a certain panache in the culture.

Maybe it’s because we have fingers and ten toes, which (eventually) led us to use the decimal system, thanks to the number zero.

Maybe that’s why we have the 10 Commandments, formerly 15, according to Mel Brooks.

There are other numeric patterns related to dates, but they are imperfect, such as 01/02/03. The problem is that some places recognize the month/day/year, such as the United States, while most CIVILIZED people prefer to the smallest to largest logic of day/month/year

David Letterman came up a Top Ten list, not a Top 12 or Top 9. So tell me: what will YOU be doing (or what were you doing) on 10/10/10 at 10:10? I will be in rehearsal for our church choir.

0 thoughts on “A Perfect Ten”

  1. I think I got up at 10:10AM, and I posted my post about this at 10:10PM (both were purely coincidental, btw). Actually, I took you as an inspiration for the structure of that post, putting my spin on the way you often approach such things. I mention that because I’m sure it won’t be obvious because it’s not, well, perfect.


  2. I read somewhere that 10/10/10 is meant to a lucky day. Why ten should be considered auspicious, I’m not sure and what happenes to the 20 in 2010?

    Using the base of ten presumably dates back to the Romans and their X numerals. They even had ten months until two more were crowbarred in to immortalise Julius and Augustus. I notice they chose the summer months!

    Twelve would have been a better base. I believe the Arabs used their fingers to quickly count in twelves up to 60. They used the thumb of one hand to touch the segments of each finger to count to twelve and the fingers of the other hand to mark each count of twelve. Hope that makes sense!

    Happy 10/10/10.


  3. Just got back from R.I. where the Ur-father celebrated 10.10.10 as he has since 6.6.66. However, this is the End of it due to Numerological argument too lost even for ME…


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