The All Hallows Eve Conspiracy

OK, what’s up with the change of Daylight Saving Time a couple years ago? Most countries in the Northern Hemisphere changed their clocks today, if they had not done so earlier. The former nations that were in the USSR, Europe, Lebanon, Iraq, Cuba, Mexico all change today …you can see the list HERE. And what are the countries that are holding off changing the clocks until NEXT weekend? The United States and Canada. I blame the candy companies. By pushing the “fall back” until the following weekend, it assures more light for Halloween, thus more trick-or-treaters, and thus more candy sold. And the dentists are in on the plot, too!

In fact, here is the Halloween Duplex Planet: one song called Halloween by Duplex Planet, and six recollections of old people remembering the holiday. Note in Greed that the conspiracy theory is alive and well.
I was at church a couple Sundays ago, and the organist, Nancy, played the postlude, which was Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor. My absolute favorite chords, possibly in all music, appear in the last minute and a half. My wife asked if I were crying, and the answer was absolutely yes. Here’s an organ version and an orchestral version from the movie Fantasia (1940). And since I was in a Fantasia mood, how about Night on Bald Mountain?
From Ken Levine: The Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe in Halloween. So the one night of the year when people would actually open their doors to them, they stay home.
Dance of Death.

Happy Halloween Day from Sesame Street.

Peanuts: BOO!

From 1910, this is the first screen version of Frankenstein. It’s less than 13 minutes long; check out this piece of history.

Freaky Frankenstein Friday.

The World’s Most Haunted Places.

Talk about lazy: Me linking to Progressive Ruin linking to OTHER people’s stuff.

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  3. Every year we have the debate about whether to abandon BST (British Summer Time) and this one is no different. The argument goes that it is bad for the economy and that it is only done for the benefit of Scotland. There has even been talk of different time zones, but bizarrely a north to south difference, rather than east to west.


  4. Roger – You need to be careful about outing conspiracies. Generally the people involved don’t like their cover blown, as a large part of their power is in their ability to move and manipulate in a clandestine manner. So, when the gentlemen in black suits show up to take you away, you won’t be able to say that no one warned you.

    By the way, to the gentlemen in black suits who are monitoring Roger’s every move, I don’t know, him. I just happened to stumble upon his blog this morning. So, we’re good… right?



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