Please Support Rebecca Jade's Album

An e-mail from my eldest niece:

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally in the works! I’m working on an album with friends Anthony Molinaro and Alfred Howard and we’re getting very close to completing it… We’re planning its release for this-coming February! Woo-hoo!! We just need a little assistance, and that’s where you come in… Please check out the link and if you feel led to help, it would be much, much appreciated!

If not, or if you just can’t right now, that’s ok, you can help by sending this link to others or maybe buying a CD when it gets completed! Every little bit helps! We hope you all enjoy the vibe of the music… And thanks for your time!!

I must say, beyond the avuncular pride, that Rebecca’s a really talented young woman. I made my pledge.

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