U is for the United Nations

The United Nations turned 65 years old on 24 October 2010. Representatives of 92 nations met in San Francisco, CA USA just after the conclusion of the European theater portion of World War II, even before the end of the war in the Pacific theater to come up with a document.

I must admit to being a bit of a UN addict. I know all of the former Secretaries-General and their nations, as well as the current one; I’ve been to the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza more than once – usually at a protest of some sort – and the Swede’s death in 1961 was one of the first things I remember external to my life. When the UN is a topic on a game show, as it was recently on JEOPARDY!, I generally do well.

As long as I can remember, there has been a coterie of Americans that have wanted the nation to get out of the United Nations. Ostensibly, it was because the UN is limited in what it can do in achieving peace. Even if that is partially true, it is hardly the totality of the organization’s mission, which includes addressing issues of health, climate change, human rights, the role of women, and much more.

Probably the UN organ best known in the US is UNICEF, which addresses, among many other things, AIDS, cholera in Haiti, and malnutrition in flooded sections of Pakistan.

When I was younger, I couldn’t help but recall that the US, despite President Woodrow Wilson’s efforts, balked at joining the UN’s predecessor, the League of Nations; would an American presence have help the world avoid WWII? Perhaps, I thought, perhaps naively, if the US were to have called for a less punitive attitude toward the failed German state.

I suspect that some of the UN naysayers are convinced that the United Nations is the vehicle by which the Apocalypse, presumably described in the Biblical book of Revelation, will take place. While the previous link provided doesn’t specifically mention the UN, this one does. Frankly, I find it unlikely, if only because the organization just doesn’t work in concert as well as the New Testament reading would require.
DC Comics PSA: Gifts to the United Nations! (December 1956).
In honor of the upcoming summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, three versions of a song that mentions the United Nations, Summertime Blues:
Eddie Cochran
Blue Cheer
The Who

ABC Wednesday – Round 7

0 thoughts on “U is for the United Nations”

  1. I’m all for the support of the UN. It is far from perfect, but it is the best we have got. And remember, those who want to destroy it (or anything else) will always find a fitting reason, whatever it may be.


  2. I learned something new here, thanks 🙂 Seeing the UN building always reminds me of North by Northwest and Unicef will always be connected to the great Peter Ustinov in my mind.


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  4. And, UNESCO!
    Anyway, I hope that the UN continues to fulfill their mission statement. Sometimes things do change too much over time and loose sight of what the original intent was.
    Always an informative post here at Roger’s!


  5. A lot about this topic that I do not know. Need to read this post again to assimilate it a little. But I’m behind with my comments, as I am with everything else this week, and probably until Christmas.


  6. Dear Rog,
    Great post and excellent choice for the U-challenge. I don’t understand why I did not think of the UN, but I am glad that you made such a good post out of it!

    Thank you so much for being one of two partcipants to visit and comment on my very, very tardy T-post. (I am planning to translate it into Swedish and post it on my Swedish language-blog ‘Tinas smycken’.)

    The anchovies in my recipe are easier to digest because of the heavy cream. It has actually a milder taste that what you may image. But I know that you can not argue about taste, Rog. I forgive you if this is not you ‘cup of tea’.

    Thank you again for visiting, you dear sweet man!
    Best wishes,
    Anna’s abcWdRd7-U

    And for the benefit of other readers:
    Anna’s abcWdRd7-T


  7. I must admit, there are parts of the UN’s philosophy (stated or not) that cause me to wonder about it’s motives. I have a hard time understanding why this organization needs to have an independent Army as some have suggested. I also am uncomfortable with the UN’s international criminal court. A court system operates within established laws. What laws of what land are they using? With so many different countries as members, there are so many different interpretations of what is considered right/wrong, just/unjust. I think they’ve done some remarkable things. I just wonder if they are becoming too powerful as a political entity.


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