Merry Christmas QUESTIONS


How are spending your Christmas? (Or how did you spend it?)
What did you give as gifts? What did you get?
If you’re Jewish, are you spending it at a Chinese restaurant?

The great thing about this year, contrary to some (most) previous years, is that my wife became a much better hinter than she used to be. So she knows she’s getting that handmade wool sweater she saw at the Medieval Faire back in October. But the upside is that I had her primary gift, in OCTOBER.

There is a songbook I came across that reminded me of a book I grew up with in elementary school. One of my sisters got that, and I bought a copy for myself as well. My other sister’s getting a very nice item that surprisingly did not go in my blog contest. My nieces are getting items from the SERRV catalog. My mother remains impossible, but she DOES like her word puzzles, so that’s what she got.

I’ll talk about the daughter tomorrow.
Merry Christmas 1989 spelled out with bodies on the south polar ice.

0 thoughts on “Merry Christmas QUESTIONS”

  1. Hi Roger, my question to you, is actually highly personal to me. Where did the name “The Lydster” come from for your blog? Also, is it the name of your blog? I’m confused. My maiden name was Lidster, highly unusual for over here, though as I understand it, there are plenty of Lidsters in Northumberland. But we know next to nothing about that side of the family.
    Just wondering.


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