Beatles Island Songs, 143-134

JEOPARDY Answers of the day-
BEATLES MUSIC: Chauffeur Alf Bicknell was the inspiration for this 1965 song
BEATLES TUNES: It’s the Beatles’ only U.S. No. 1 hit single whose title is the name of an actual place.
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The rules of engagement

143 Michelle from Rubber Soul. Pretty song, and in French, no less, but desparately overplayed in the day. The name became a Top 10 name for US girls from 1966 through 1980.
142 Rocky Raccoon from the white album. A cheeky McCartney folk song, enjoyable enough.
141 I’ve Got a Feeling from Let It Be. I like the fact that this was really a McCartney/Lennon song, even at that late date.
140 You Like Me Too Much from Help! (UK), Beatles VI. Like the saloonish intro to this Harrison song.
139 Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey from the white album. I was in college playing charades. My fellow players had gotten Hide Me and Monkey, so I knew they were NEVER going to get the answer. I hear a bit of Yankee Doodle, of all things, in the guitar riff.
138 What Goes On from Rubber Soul (UK), Yesterday and Today (US). The first record to credit Starkey in the writing credits, with Lennon/McCartney. Like the three-part harmony.
137 This Boy from B-side of I Want To Hold Your Hand (UK), Meet the Beatles (US). Nice Lennon vocals with McCartney and Harrison harmony.
136 The Inner Light, B-side of Lady Madonna. Harrison stole the lyrics, I believe, from some Taoist text. First Harrison song on a single.
135 Yes It Is, B-side of Ticket to Ride (UK), Beatles VI (US). More Lennon, with McCartney and Harrison vocals.
134 Thank You Girl, B-side of From Me to You (UK), The Beatles’ Second Album (US). especially like the drumming and harmonica at the end.
Beatlesnumber9, a “Super Beatles Fan Site”
The Beatles in pop culture: Triumphs and tragedies Slide show: From Nike ads to “The Royal Tenenbaums,” the moments that defiled and celebrated the Fab Four
JEOPARDY Questions
What is Ticket to Ride?
What is Penny Lane? (Incidentally, Strawberry Fields Forever only got to Number 8 in the US)

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