Old Father 2010

So what kind of year was 2010?

I’m still sad that my local YMCA closed. I was a member there from December 1982 to April 2010. I played racquetball there, and occasionally volleyball as well. My attempt to play racquetball elsewhere proved unworkable.

My bike was stolen; majorly bummed by that.

The blog I do for the Times Union newspaper got excerpted in the print edition at least a half dozen times this year. The problem with that, of course, is that the blurb may be confusing to the reader out of context. Still, people actually recognize me from this, which, I guess, is a good thing. I’m notorious enough to be asked to participate in that To Kill A Mockingbird readathon.

I’ve been attending my current church and singing in the choir for 10 years. We got a new choir director this fall. After eight years of stability, the last couple years was full of transition in the leadership of the choir; hope this guy sticks around a while. I’ve been a Presbyterian for eight years, after being a Methodist – or nothing – for most of my life; STILL learning about it.

I attended no funerals this year; that’s actually quite unusual for me.

After attending the school where my wife works for a year, my daughter is now attending her neighborhood school in the city, and I take her there most days, while her mother picks her up.

We’re going to an international reunion next year, and we all got passports, not just on the last day, but the last 15 minutes, before the rates went up.

I’m no more, or less, disillusioned by politics than I was last year.

When the Golden Globes movie nominations came out, I realized that, outside of the animated films, of which I saw Toy Story 3, Tangled, and 30 minutes of Despicable Me, I saw only one movie for which either the actors and/or the film was nominated, and that was The Kids Are All Right.

My TV DVR is constantly at 75% full, give or taken 10 percentage points. I have yet to see an episode of 30 Rock or The Office for this season, I’m weeks behind on Glee. I skipped the JEOPARDY! college tournament. I AM up-to-date with the Closer and Grey’s Anatomy, however.

I have in excess of 140 sick days available at work, a function of being there 18 years.

I blogged every day this year, again.
Johnny B. re Captain Beefheart
I didn’t realize until I saw this TCM clip that THREE members of the cast of the movie Airplane! died this year: Peter Graves, Barbara Billingsly and Leslie Nielsen.

0 thoughts on “Old Father 2010”

  1. You are not alone in the playing catch-up department… I’ve got a terabyte of movies and dramas to clear from my hard disk ;-P

    Happy New Year, Roger! See you in 2011…


  2. Congrats on 365 days of continuous blogging, Roger!

    Wish I could say I am not more disillusioned with politics than I was a year ago, but 2010 was politically one of the most cynical and harmful years I’ve ever lived through, largely through the destructive efforts of the tea-bagging hillbilly redneck a-holes that infected my country. I’m far from convinced that Los Estados Unidos can survive more than a couple more years of this nightmare era (which began, really, on 9/11) without some sort of violent disruption of civil society. I guess we’ll see what 2011 holds.


  3. All in all, it sounds like 2010 was an okay year for you. No funerals always makes it a good year. I’m so fed up with politics, it’s not funny. I’m not sure there’s an honest servant on either side of the aisle. It’s scary where they are taking this nation. Hope 2011 holds some positive surprises. A happy and blessed new year to you and yours.


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