Z is for Zodiac

When I went to school, I had one friend of mine named Karen who was about 46 hours younger than I was. So of course, we shared the same sun sign of the zodiac, Pisces. And I was pretty conflicted when we were in junior high school when she got into astrology; and I don’t mean looking at the newspaper horoscope, I mean a much more in depth study.

My problem was that I came from a religious tradition that frowned on astrology, even as Karen told me thinks that I was thinking and feeling that were incredibly accurate, based on our similar charts.

(Does the Bible condemn astrology? YES! Or NO!. Or yes AND no!)

Karen worked on the yearbook pictured above, and in fact was the editor, if memory serves.

Some years later, 1978, to be exact, she convinced/cajoled me to get a natal horoscope by sending $12.95 to Para Research of Rockport, Massachusetts. and this wasn’t just a standard cookie-cutter package. It was done just for me, based on not only when I was born, but where. So it listed not only my sun sign, but my moon sign, Sagittarius, and the various planetary positions.

The thing runs 36 pages, so it’s difficult to summarize. So here are a few sentences, all of which I think are at least mostly true.

*You love change and will probably be involved in numerous occupations throughout life. You approach each new project and contract with new enthusiasm. At first, your interest is real enough, but it tends to be fitful.

*You will generally be regarded as an amiable, sincere and generous person who, however, has much pride and sensitivity.

*Because you keep a lot inside yourself, others find you rather difficult to know.

*You are concerned about political conditions and determined to use your resources to improve people’s lives.

*Your occupations are going to be intellectual.

*There is some melancholia in your intellectual outlook.

*Even in spiritual or religious matters, you object to accepting dogma unless you can work it out logically.

*Your temperament is not suited to superficial entanglements, but you are willing to make an enormous contribution to a relationship that obviously has substance.

*You are an idea person who needs constant opportunities to apply your creative thinking.

*Intensely curious and enthusiastic about everything, you are a glutton for knowledge.

I could go on (and on and on), but I think that’s enough.
Eddie’s vintage Christmas card of the day.

ABC Wednesday – Round 7

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  1. I think the bible only condemns astrology if you put all your trust in it and you forget the mastermind that created those stars and planets. Astrology used to see the signs of good tidings to honour God, is found in the bible when the three wise men follow the star to Bethlehem.


  2. I too am from a similar biblical understanding – but from time to time here about Cancerian qualities – which often are similar to my personality – always makes me laugh when I read Jon’s (gemini) great communicator and likes to be centre of attention – NOT! Great idea.


  3. I think Astrology is quite interesting and find what it says about Leos to be pretty correct where I’m concerned. I guess my belief system is pretty widely scattered as I feel there is wisdom to be found in many places and that it’s what we do with that wisdom that’s important. Great post for the Z Day as always, Roger! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!



  4. This is interesting to me because I never heard that about astrology and the bible. My father was an Episcopalian minister and he and my mother always read their horoscopes in the newspaper for a laugh. Of course the newspaper ones which don’t involve complete charting are just for fun, or that’s my understanding.


  5. I’ve always been interested in astrology but when I later attended the Baptist church, found that “they” said it was sinful to even read it in the newspapers. Bah! I still follow my horoscope in the paper each day, but it’s just for fun…although as a Libra, what is written is pretty close to what I am.


  6. Does the Bible condemn astrology? Yes or No? I would say Yes. Scriptures that make reference to it are Deut. 18: 10-12. and Isaiah 47:13-15, NE. “Let your astrologers, your star-gazers who foretell your future month by month, persist, and save you! But look, they are like chaff…So much for your magicians with whom you have trafficked all your life: they have stumbled off, each his own way, and there is no one to save you.” Isa. 47:13-15, NE.

    I think if we read horoscopes we could find parts of our personality and life in each one. Just my viewpoint.


  7. Technically, I’m an Aquarius. I don’t put much stock into charting or horoscopes. I believe you can find aspects of your personality in every one of the signs. I laugh at all the newspaper horoscopes because about half of the signs describe my day perfectly!


  8. I don’t know what the bible says about astrology. I’ve never been good at quoting the bible, being better at paraphrasing than quoting chapter and verse.
    But I did have an astrological chart done years ago. She volunteered, I didn’t ask for it, and whether that affected its accuracy I don’t know. Anyway, it was quite close. Would it have applied to any other Sagittarius female? I don’t know, but it might have.
    Nevertheless, Zodiac was an excellent Z choice, Roger, and your question certainly got us thinking.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


  9. As a man educated into science I have large problems with taking anything as unscientifically and undocumented as astrology serious. But then I’m non-religious too 🙂


  10. When I was in High School I was crazy about this guy. My friend didn’t think he was right for me and tried to discourage me in liking him. We were at a County Faire and a “Gypsy” read my astrology chart…. Her advice after $5.00 was “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”…..To which my girlfriend said….”See, you need to date other guys too…. HaHa..so my one experience with Astrology.

    I trust my past, present and future to the Lover of my Soul.

    Very interesting post, and loved all the comments.


  11. I always wanted to believe that there was something to astrology but science tends to explain it away as a series of coincidences. I remain magical enough in my thinking to ponder whether the entire universe isn’t a series of coincidences.


  12. I used to love to read my horoscope when I was younger. Now, not so much. In fact, it just occurred to me that I don’t know any of my kids’ signs. Easy enough to rectify. Problem is it just seems like so much time wasted.


  13. I’ve always been fascinated by astrology and at one time prepared charts for individuals. Learned a lot about life and people during that span of time. But what could one expect from a Leo with Sag rising, Libra moon. 🙂 Great post!


  14. Whether you believe or not, it’s fun to dip in now and then. I usually read my sign in the morning newspaper, but forget what was mentioned about 15 minutes later. Haven’t visited nor done ABC for awhile since I had shoulder surgery in November; healing nicely, tho!


  15. When my son was 10 a friend who had studied astrology looked for “victims” and asked me if she could do it for my son. I gave her all information she asked for and then I also got a very long report. This was 27 years ago. And all what she had forseen for him came true at least to 90 %! It was really amazing. Of course when I had read it when he was 10 I could hardly believe that all this would become true.


  16. I think the Bible condemns astrology (not astronomy) because we tend to put our trust in anything or anyone but God. Certainly the people in Old Testament times did. We’re too easily impressed with the magical, fantastical, sensational. Sometimes just believing in God and what He has said doesn’t seem to be enough. We would really like to know the future — our future. But if God told us our future I think a lot of us would then try to manipulate things to make it happen — or not happen. We still want to be in control. If I can’t believe the Bible why should I believe astronomy?


  17. I have always felt the tug of the stars but remain sceptical of their power to determine our lives except in the very broadest sense that we are made up of the same elements.
    Thanks, Roger, for once more sparking us to engage with you and and each other!
    Helen Mac, ABC team


  18. My Mom does that type of astrology & yes, it can be amazingly accurate. From getting to know you from your blog, I would say yours seems accurate too.
    Interesting post for the day Roger!


  19. Astrology is always guaranteed to start a debate. I was once part of a team building exercise based on the astrology and mercury, the planet of communication. An interesting experience wherewe all learned something about each other in a fun way. The person that ran it was an ex nuclear physicist. Guess quantum mechanics is as mysterious as astrology.


  20. I take astrology as a game, just for fun, like a party game, to start light conversation. By the way, Happy Year of the Rabbit come the Chinese New Year on Feb. 3! It’s supposed to be a calm, uneventful year. Can’t come soon enough 🙂


  21. I’ve never had a personal horoscope done. I came close once, but they wanted more detail than I had at my disposal and it seemed to me that if they didn’t get the info it wouldn’t be accurate.

    Interesting that you say that it’s fairly accurate. And interesting too that the Bible can’t seem to make up its mind whether astrology is forbidden or not.


  22. I had a personal horoscope done when I was in my 40s. Curiosity finally got to me. I remember being impressed with how right on the analysis, though I can’t remember anything about it. LOL!


  23. Since the Sun affects everything here on Earth, and (electro)magnetism being the basis to well, everything (from my understanding) (including light), could we perhaps be affected (genes, brains, something in us) by the Suns energy/field during certain periods of the year? I mean the whole cycle repeats itself all over again each year, and we do view the zodiac from an Earth perspective.


  24. Let’s see, are they still doing charts that include the alleged planet Pluto? Not any more? So why not add more crap to the 360 degree horizon, an extra “house.” No one really cares and it will soon be forgotten.

    BTW, according to Babylonian astrology, I’m an extreme introvert and very fussy and precise, a Virgo. But according to Chinese astrology, I’m a Fire Monkey, the most outgoing of the signs, a whirlwind of activity. Which is right? Both systems originated allegedly 5000 years ago, back when the stars were all different. Both ancient China and ancient Babylon were located on the other side of the world, lost cultures no one today can comprehend.

    I’ll say that both of them are right about me. And both of them are wrong. Either way, both systems cover all the possibilities. And neither of them has ever given me one bit of useful advice.


  25. “Astrology Is Like Racism!”

    Okay, I just read Roger’s link above, which led to a more informative article at Huff Post. So now I’m a Leo, and I have been a Leo since 120 BC. Right.

    All this nonsense made me go looking for the PR firm that fed this stuff to the corporate media. I got bored searching after about 90 seconds but not before I found out who started all this, a guy named Parke Kunkle. He’s a white Baby Boomer who teaches, believe it or not, astronomy at a college in Minnesota. (Who hires an astrologer to teach astronomy?)

    No, I didn’t make this up. Kunkle drew attention to himself by drawing a specious analogy between astrology and racism. Yes folks, he played the race card to promote his career:


    Something tells me Kunkle is going to “write” an as told to book and do all the talk shows.


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