Beatles Island Songs, 73-64

JEOPARDY! answers (questions at the end)

9-LETTER WORDS $400: A collection of stories, or a collection of Beatles songs
NUN SENSE $500: A convent’s top nun, she’s told to “Jump the Gun” on the Beatles’ “White Album”
___ AND ___ $400: The Isley Brothers & the Beatles sang, “Shake it up, baby”, do this
POP MUSIC $200: In 1985 this performer bought ATV, owner of much of the Beatles’ catalogue, for over $40 million

The ‘Top 10 Best Rock Bands Ever’ Are…

The rules of engagement

73 Things We Said Today from A Hard Day’s Night (UK), The Beatles’ Second Album. Love this from the intro to what I think is double-tracked McCartney hatrmony vocals.
72 Every Little Thing from Beatles for Sale (UK), Beatles VI (US). Always thought this was a cover of the Everly Brothers or Buddy Holly, but it’s McCartney in that mode.
71 Come Together from Abbey Road. The hook on this Lennon song is the instrumental that comes up even before the vocal. Strange lyrics, some apparently stolen from Chuck Berry.
70 Birthday from the white album. I had the peculiar notion at the time that this Macca/Lennon song would replace Happy Birthday as THE celebratory tune.
69 And Your Bird Can Sing from Revolver (UK), Yesterday and Today (US). Another of the Lennon songs stolen from UK Revolver.
68 I Should Have Known Better from A Hard Day’s Night. From the Lennon harmonica, a winner.
67 The End from Abbey Road. If this McCartney song were together with Golden Slumbers and Carry That Weight, it’d be about #4 on this list. As it is, a Ringo drum solo and trading off guitar solos are great.
66 All My Loving from With the Beatles (UK), Meet the Beatles (US). Among the charms of this McCartney song is the jaunty, almost country, bridge.
65 I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party from Beatles for Sale (UK), Beatles VI (US). Told you I was a sucker for Beatles VI.
64 A Taste of Honey from Please Please Me (UK), Introducing The Beatles/The Early Beatles (US). The great thing about this cover is how goes from 3/4 to 4/4 and back.

JEOPARDY! questions-
What is Anthology?
Who is Mother Superior?
What is twist and shout?
Who was Michael Jackson?

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