Six years

One must be dedicated, or demented, to blog every day for six years – your call.

It helps a lot that one can post ahead of time. I might write a couple blog pieces on a Thursday night or a Saturday afternoon, which makes up for those days that I don’t get a chance to blog at all. This is why I almost never post more than once a day. It is better to blog daily than thrice in a day, then not at all for three days, it seems to me.

I may have said this last year at this time, but I find it difficult to see me posting every day this coming year. I managed to get through the first 11 days of my sojourn to Charlotte, NC around my mother’s death writing only three blogposts, and two of those being my mom’s obit and funeral program, because I was actually about 10 posts ahead; a cold January helped. Then, the night before we were going to take the train home, I wrote five posts while trying to stay awake to make my wife, daughter and driver/sister were awake in time to catch a 2 a.m. train back to Albany.

Finding content to write about has seldom been an issue. Time, though, can be a beast. Generally, during the week, I write between whenever I wake up (5 a.m., optimally) and the time I have to get the daughter up (6:30 a.m), with detours to check my e-mail, and visit other blogs. The latter is especially true on (ABC) Wednesday morning.

Sometime before the end of the year, I’ll be on a two-week trip. My Internet connectivity will be sporadic. Even if I were to be that many days ahead, I find that writing is a function of inertia; the longer I’m off, the harder it is to get restarted, my February experience notwithstanding.

One of the great emotional points I’ve gotten to is that I don’t worry any more about the number of hits I get in a day. If I did, I’d be a whole lot better promoting my posts on Twitter and Facebook, which I do currently only when it happens to occur to me.

Another factor is the fact, while this is my first love, blogwise, I probably should spend more time and effort with my other blogs. I did get encouraging news on that front, BTW, when Pew Research, in this article, under Sites and Sources, linked to one of my other blogs! A bit of a coup, that, so I suppose I should keep it up.

Well, as the great philosopher Doris Day once said, “The future’s not ours to see.”

0 thoughts on “Six years”

  1. Congratulations on keeping up with it for so long. I still read your blog every day; I’ve been slacking off on commenting because I usually read it on the iPad, where it’s a pain in the butt to type. But I’m always interested in your posts, so I’m glad you’re still writing.


  2. Every day for 6 years is pretty impressive. I have only 190 posts so far and they are only photos and like you many are scheduled in advance. I do wonder sometimes if I’ll be able to keep it up – although I hope to!


  3. Happy Blogiversary, Roger! You said it best that it’s hard to get started again after taking a break. Been having that problem for a long time now, and my time has gotten cut even more. But I have to hand it to you for having something new everyday. And it’s always something informative and interesting, not just “padding” like Aussie rules fantasy football standings like some. 🙂


    1. Yes, Scott, coming up in the next year, minor league baseball stats! OK, I jest – I think. Depends how desparate I get in keeping the streak alive.


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