I got nothing. Well, except…

I’m just getting back in town from our annual work conference. The Internet connection was not the fastest in te world, let’s just say.

But hey, you can read this interview of me in Monday’s (Albany, NY) Times Union. Or you can read my intro to last week’s ABC Wednesday blog.

Somebody asked me about whether I had any insight re: last week’s “end of the world” pronouncement. The answer is no. But I am totally mystifed why this particular blowhard got such play; I just don’t get it. At least the December 2012 Mayan thing, I’d been hearing about for a while; the coverage of this one caught me by surprise, given his previous (lack of) success with such projections. I never mentioned the recent declaration in this, or any other blog, previously because I had nothing to add.

That said, I appreciated the insight of a buddy of mine, who e-mailed, “In a twisted sort of way, the Rapture flap reminds me of this episode of The Twilight Zone. ”

(Photos courtesy of the TU)

0 thoughts on “I got nothing. Well, except…”

  1. LOL! This pic made me laugh. I’m sitting here listening to the radio report tornado warnings for all the counties around me, so thanks for the temporary giggle.


  2. Roger, when folks go off about that crotchety old guy who has made millions over his failed predictions about the End of Days, I ask them to consider his bank account. True prophets are broke. Period. Jesus was homeless, and whether you consider him the son of God or simply a smart man and a prophet, his lifestyle speaks volumes.

    As to the Mayan prediction, Jon Stewart cited the fact that, if the Mayans were so good at foresight, why didn’t they see Cortez coming to destroy their entire civilization?

    Finally, Fundamentalists who take the Bible as the absolute be-all and end-all should be reminded that Scripture says no one knows the day or the hour of this supposed Rapture. Unfortunately, most Fundies I know take the word of Glenn Beck and their local pastor over actual thought and research.

    It’s about being right. And Right. Drives me “nuckin’ futs”!! Amy
    As to Creation, here’s my response to a prompt:


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