Made for the Shade

Ah, June. Look forward to it less than I used to.

As I noted here, way back in 2007 and subsequently, I have a skin condition called vitiligo. After dealing with some weird socio-psychological stuff, I’m more or less OK with it. Most of the time.

I wear long-sleeve shirts almost all of them time when I’m going to be outside, even when it’s hot out. I seek shade. I wear hats. I use sunscreen on the cloudiest of days. I also wear sunglasses a LOT; don’t know if it has anything to do with the condition or merely aging, but I seem to be much more sensitive to sunlight than I used to be.

Still, I’m still tired of people – OK, there’s no getting around saying it, white people – coming up to me and pointing out that they are darker than I am, or at least the parts of me where the melanin has ceased to work on me. It’s usually my hands, particularly the back of my hands, that are the points of comparison. Happened to me a couple weeks ago.

It’s not that it hurts me, or offends me. It just IRRITATES me – I can’t explain why – moreso because it’s usually done by people I know, often by people I like. So if you happen to see one of your friends who are experiencing vitiligo and feel compelled to lord your tan over that person, PLEASE don’t. They may be smiling outside, but even money, you’re bugging them.

0 thoughts on “Made for the Shade”

  1. My Dad has this condition also. He has it on his face but I just got so used to it, I never even think about it or notice it.
    I am glad it isn’t painful at least.


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