The Marvel Comics Challenge

This was another meme from SamuraiFrog. But first, a big caveat; I was only buying Marvel comic books from 1972 to 1994, and while I have looked retrospectively, through reprints and items such as Marvel Masterworks, my knowledge post-1995 is anecdotal at best.

1. Your favorite character.
Clearly Spider-Man, mostly because of Peter Parker. In fact, when Todd McFarlane did that Spider-book in the early 1990s, I hated it so much that I, an otherwise Spidey completist (Amazing, Peter Parker, Marvel Team Up, guest appearances), refused to buy it.

2. Your favorite villain.
The Green Goblin.

3. Your favorite diva.

4. Your favorite royal.
Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

5. Your favorite team.
The Defenders. Such an unlikely grouping: Doctor Strange, Namor, Hulk, plus Valkyrie and the Silver Surfer?

6. Your favorite organization.
Merry Marvel Marching Society. Oh, you mean in a comic? Probably SHIELD, more by default.

7. Your favorite creature.
If Howard the Duck counts, then it’s Howard. Does Man-Thing count?

8. Your favorite movie.
Spider-Man 2.

9. Your favorite classic character.

10. Your favorite costume.
I always liked Thor’s outfit.

11. Your favorite power.
If I could have one of the powers of the Marvel Universe, it would be Silver Surfer’s power cosmic.

12. Your favorite weapon.
Thor’s hammer.

13. Your least favorite character.
Never thought much of Ant Man/Giant Man/Henry Pym.

14. Your favorite romance.
Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, back when it still existed.

15. The best rivalry.
Always thought Reed Richards and Doctor doom were two sides of the same coin.

16. The most powerful character.
Silver Surfer, I guess.

17. Your favorite god.

18. Your favorite comic to screen character adaptation.
Rosemary Harris as Aunt May in the Spider-Man movies.

19. Your least favorite comic to screen character adaptation.
The first Fantastic Four film – I didn’t bother with the second one – was pretty awful.

20. Your best casting of a character (if you were casting).

21. The most memorable death.
Gwen Stacy, since it was the first one I read. SF notes, “in a world where his entire relationship with Mary Jane has been magically erased, does any of it even matter anymore?” Fortunately that erasure happened after I stopped reading comics, so I feign blissful ignorance.

22. Your favorite universe/dimension.
Wherever Warlock hung out.

23. The best form of transportation.
The Silver Surfer’s board.

24. Your favorite cartoon adaptation.
I liked the theme song of the old Spidey cartoon, but don’t much recall the stories. Pass.

25. Your favorite video game.

26: Your favorite elemental.
Storm, probably.

27. Your favorite non-human race.
Are Inhumans non-humans?

28. Your favorite comic time period.
When I first started reading.

29. Your favorite series you would suggest to read.
i always had affection for whatever the late Steve Gerber was writing (Defenders, Howard the Duck).

30. Your favorite Marvel Event.
That goofy Vermont Halloween schtick.

0 thoughts on “The Marvel Comics Challenge”

  1. I guess you were more of a Marvel fan, I like Spiderman, but I love Batman! And yes, I still read comics! Better than hanging out in bars.


  2. Spidey was always one of my favourites — lots of angst — but I have a stack of X-Men comics and loved the animated series.

    In fact, it’s just reminded me of when we first got the internet at home in the mid 1990s. I was showing my then X-Men mad son the wonders of the search engine. Unfortunately most of the results for “X-Men” came back as “sex with men”!


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