Sunday Summer Song

One of my favorite summer songs when I was growing up I thought was schlocky, even then. But there was so much to like, such as the way the singer said be-ah instead of bee-er, because he was taught, as I’ve heard from every choir director for decades, that the ending R sound is UGLY.

So since this is in the middle of a 3-day holiday weekend in the US, I’ll leave you with:

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer – Nat King Cole
(and if that doesn’t work, try this)

0 thoughts on “Sunday Summer Song”

  1. Roger, I still have the vinyl album of Nat’s “Lazy, Hazy.” The songs from the Gay 90s are my favorites: After the Ball is Over (including the middle verse) and others.

    The ironic part is the cover, depicting an obviously segregated beach. All white folks, not a Black person in sight. That’s the 60s for you, huh?

    Thanks for a lovely memory. Have to go home after church and crank up the stereo. It’s time! Amy


  2. I absolutely adore that song, and I’d not thought about it for years. Now I’ll be humming it throughout the day … which is a very good thing, by the way. 😀


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