The Big 2-3-5

I’m a bit sad, though frankly not surprised, that there are periodically these polls indicating how poorly U.S. students, mostly our native-born, are doing with regard to American history, including citizenship questions that immigrants are expected to know before becoming U.S. citizens. Here are some sample questions for the citizenship test.

For a start on your American education, read the Declaration of Independence. Read it, in its entirety, every year. Today would be a good day to start.
The Star Spangeled Prez.

I, Sam the Eagle, present a musical salute to America.

Even more Sousa: Stars and Stripes Forever, animated piccolo.

From the Census Bureau: Facts for Features: The Fourth of July 2011.

0 thoughts on “The Big 2-3-5”

  1. I think it’s the same in France too! The kids’ culture spreads but remains shallow!
    Though if I had to set for the exam now I would not have a very score;o)
    Thanks for sharing, Roger;o)

    Hope you are having a nice and happy week****


  2. Probably most of these no-nothings consider themselves patriots who are proud not to be intellectual elites. It’s worse than sad.


  3. Oh my goodness, where to begin! JibJab always makes me laugh; The Muppets, while adorably funny, is probably the cultural equivalent of how many people view the holiday (BBQs etc); not sure if John S would appreciate his masterpiece arrangement reduced to pixels, but I think it’s a very cool adaptation of the composition; and I LOVE the Facts for Features! Thanks!


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