Barack Obama is 50

I suppose it’s true of a lot of Americans: Barack Obama is the first President to be born after I was. And by a lot, over eight years. He’s had some successes, and he’s surely had his failures. But today I’ll focus on the positive aspects. (The negative will come soon enough.)

First, I thought he was working very hard on trying to come to grips with the financial crisis, even before he was inaugurated, and I admired that. (The guy who was ostensibly still in charge kept a low profile, for sure.)

One can argue about the speed of progress regarding gay rights, but the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell would NOT have taken place in a John McCain administration. This administration has done more for gay rights than any other.

The overhaul of financial regulations, comsumer protection and health care, while fraught with disappointments along the way, is arguably better than it was.

But I thought his most significant period were the days leading up to the killing of Osama bin Laden. Not so much the action itself as much as his clear ability to multitask.

From his interview on CBS News’ 60 Minutes:
“Yeah. Yeah. The decision was made.
“I made the decision Thursday night, informed my team Friday morning, and then we flew off to look at the tornado damage. To go to Cape Canaveral, to make a speech, a commencement speech. And then we had the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night. So this was in the back of my mind all weekend.” watch Obama’s part of the dinner from about 24:30.

So he had some successes…

Happy birthday, Mr. President.

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  1. Thank you for giving Pres. Obama credit on LGBT issues. I was getting a little bummed, but he did get it done. I wish him well, having been boots on the ground for him during the campaign – when a lot of feminist friends were giving me a rash because I didn’t support Hillary. I responded, “Hey,you haven’t had to deal with her as your do-nothing senator, you don’t really know her.” And now, well, you want an Ovary Office? If just getting a woman in there is all that’s important, Bachmann and Palin await, LOL.

    His advisors are misleading him on Afghanistan. The time for a drawdown, in my opinion, was after bin Laden was killed. I am sad he was not brought to a court of law, military, the Hague, whatever; I am never happy when anyone loses his or her life. And that’s why I am disconcerted that so many of our men and women in uniform remain stranded, eating sand, with IEDs built especially for American troops. All I’m saying is, “Give Peace A Chance”! (Thank you always, John Lennon, for that song) Amy


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