Peace, Peace, There Is No Peace

My great disappointment with the Obama administration is not merely the fact that he has maintained indefinite detention of terrorists, rendition, and [so-called] Patriot Act surveillance. It is that, by his previous statements, the public had reason to believe that his actions would end those practices. Except for waterboarding, I’m not seeing the CHANGE I expected.

While the Iraq war is seemingly winding down, the Afghanistan war is ramping up. I must say, I’m not sure to what end.

But I’m most disappointed about our war in Libya. There is this peculiar thing in the Constitution that says that Congress declares war. The War Powers Act gives the President 90 days to sumit a request to Congress after fighting begins. Yet he claims it’s not a “real” war, even though we have “real” military there, and we’re spending “real” money to stay there.

I’m not saying one couldn’t make the case for going into Libya. I AM saying that if another President acted that way, and he were, say, a US Senator, he might complain about the incursion without Congressional authority; wait, wait, he DID do that, and rightly so, re GWB’s war in Iraq. Obama’s not a yahoo, he’s a Constitutional scholar, and his defense of his actions is disingenous.

Is there any way he can give BACK his Nobel Peace Prize?

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0 thoughts on “Peace, Peace, There Is No Peace”

  1. I see there’s been a helicopter crash which maybe conveniently has killed the team of navy seals who reputedly took out Bin Laden. Were I a conspiracy theorist I’d be thinking, well, that’s the witnesses taken care of then. This is just too much coincidence for me.


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