How Far Have You Traveled?

Our recent excursion around Lake Ontario over the past two weeks was about 1074 miles (1729 km). I haven’t traveled all that much: 30 US states, 2 Canadian provinces, a little bit of Mexico, and Barbados.

Using Mapquest, I’ve ascertained the farthest I’ve traveled by various modes of transportation.
By car: 1108 miles (1783 km) from Binghamton, NY to Memphis, TN when I was in high school. Among other things, saw the Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.
By bus: 768 miles (1236 km) from Albany, NY to Charlotte, NC in the late 1970s or early 1980s. I do not recommend this.
By train: Albany to Charlotte, which is much more civilized.
By plane: 2884 miles (4642 km) from Albany to San Diego, CA.

I was surprised to discover that San Diego is farther away from Albany than Barbados, which is practically in South America. According to this site, San Diego is 2445 miles (3934 km) away, while Barbados is a mere 2206 miles (3550 km) – road miles and air miles will differ.

What is the farthest you’ve traveled by various modes of transportation? My wife’s been to Ukraine (by air, of course) in 2002.

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  1. Our trip to South Africa was the farthest I’ve travelled — 6,000 miles for the Amsterdam to Cape Town part of the journey.

    Virtually all of my previous travel has been in Europe by plane, train and coach. We’ve been to the Canaries which is about 1,800 miles, but the farthest would be Cyprus at a little over 2,100 miles.


  2. I’ll tackle three:

    Bermuda, several times (once pregnant but didn’t know it yet) by plane, and no, we didn’t hit the stupid Triangle. Also Puerto Rico by plane. Both music related – gigs.

    Car: From Attica, NY to Southern California, solo. Driving a used car to our daughter, Riley. Stayed with several poets I’ve met online along the way, including Nikki Griffiths, De Jackson, plus visits with Colette and Marie Elena.

    Train: Back from CA to NYS. Oh, Lord, never again. We went by way of Del Rio, Texas, not sure why, don’t care anymore. But did manage to hang with a good old friend, Bobby Fancher (used to own bars The Office and Risky Business in Binghamton, Roger) in San Antone. At midnight. Great fun, cracking open a cold Mexican beer and hanging at his flower shop.

    Great post, as always, Roger. THANKS! Amy


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