MOVING question

Here’s an easy question, or maybe not. How many times have you moved? I recall my Internet buddy Amy noting that she lost track after she moved 30 times. I’m in the same situation.

Oddly, after moving from upstairs to downstairs in the same house when I was about six months old, I spent the next 18 years at the same address. But then I went to college, and I had at least seven addresses in New Paltz/Kingston, and that doesn’t include the dorm. Side trips to Binghamton (again); Charlotte, NC; and Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC. Eventually, I moved to Schenectady (three addresses – technically four – in 20 months), and Albany (maybe 20?) Odd too, because, I’ve been in Albany for 32 years, and I’ve been in our house for 11 years.

Oh, yeah – moving sucks.

0 thoughts on “MOVING question”

  1. Amen – even in the BEST of circumstances, with planning & resources, moving sucks. I’m pleased to have been at my current home 18 years, after 18 previous moves. Many things lost to the winds of time along the way…


  2. Not counting taking my stuff back and forth to college eight times, including moves as a kid: 11 altogether, but none since 2003. Next time will be into a house. Not sure when, though.


  3. Wow, I’ve moved 12 times. Mind you, four of those were temporary moves for work and the move backs. Not everything got moved. But it is a real pain. Never realized I had moved that much. And I probably have a few more to go.


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