Sean Lennon's birthday; and it would have been his father's

One of those signs that you are getting older is when you start saying things such as “I remember [him or her] when [he or she] was X years old [some age the person hasn’t been for a VERY long time].” And that’s how it was with Sean Lennon. I didn’t know him personally, but, to me, he was frozen in time at five years old, his age when his father was killed. Here’s an audio of John and Sean talking about birthdays.

Of course, Sean continued to grow up, in spite of my myopia. I think that’s why, when he performed in Albany in the spring of 2007, when he was 31, I just had to go see him. That and, I suppose, that second-hand connection to his late father who I could never see live.

There was an antiwar rally I attended in New York City – must have been 1972, give or take a year – and on our way back to New Paltz on the bus, but still within the city limits, we could hear on the live radio (I’m thinking WBAI) that John and Yoko had shown up at the event! It was thrilling, but also frustrating; we were JUST THERE, yet we missed seeing them in person.

Anyway, here’s a link to bios of the Beatles kids. You’ll note that many of them became musicians as well.

Sean Lennon turns 36 today; John would have been 71.

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  1. Got this e-mail: Brian & Amelia Looby are super proud to announce the birth of their son, Charlie, at 12:51 PM , October 9th (only one day after his due date!). Everyone is doing great!
    Amelia, my co-worker, noted that this is also Jackson Browne’s birthday; she’s a fan.


  2. Hey, Roger! I’m so glad to be “back on earth,” if you will! I lived down the block from the Dakota at the time of the shooting. The whole neighborhood was in mourning. He and Yoko were just that: neighbors, free to tool about, Sean in a stroller, Yoko in her big hats. No one bothered them or treated them in any special way, nor did they expect it.

    Ironically, my eventual move to Attica placed me down the street from that rat bastard Mark David Chapman, who, along with Son of Sam, are two of the “stars” at the Attica Maximum Security Correctional (??) Facility. Weird coincidence. I love John, especially after he left the Beatles; his values never changed, despite the need to live in a high-security apt. bldg. (a lot of good that did him and his family). He lived for peace. Thanks, Roger. Amy


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