Tidying Up My Office for Peace

I was trying to figure out how to BlogBlastForPeace when I realized I had a more pressing issue. I need to tidy up my office while passing the peace without spending a fortune. Here’s my situation.

Back in late 2002, I was attending weekly vigils in front of the NYS Capitol in Albany, against the buildup that would, in March 2003, become the Iraq war. Somebody had made up a bunch of these nifty green buttons with white lettering that said, Choose Peace. Rather like the buttons being sported by my friend Dave and me at a massive antiar rally in New York City in mid-February 2003.

At some point, the informal group started running out of these buttons. Somehow, I ended up ordering (and paying for) more of them. And you know it’s cheaper to buy in bulk, so I ordered 500 or 1000 of them; I don’t recall. I gave away a LOT of them.

Anyway, the war began, and I stopped going to peace rallies a couple months later. So I have several dozen buttons left, in a bag in my office, which I would like to give away.

Initially, I thought to offer them gratis to whomever wanted them, but the postage and packaging for them could get quite costly, and time-consuming to boot.

Now, if you can use a number of them, and promise to distribute them to others, or just want one or two, I’ll send them to you. If you want to help me out on postage and packaging – and this is not required – I can send you some PayPal bill for some nominal amount – say, $1 for one or two buttons, $2 for a bulk order in the US; $2/$3 to Canada or Mexico; $3/$5 to the rest of the world; or you can mail me a check or international money order. Just e-mail me with the contact info. And if you’re local and want one or some, let me know, and I’ll give them to you as well.

My officemates will thank you.

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