Flashmob Fridays…and ME?

There’s this comic book critic named Alan David Doane, who I’ve known since he used to come to FantaCo, the comic store I used to have something to do with for 8.5 years back in the 1980s. He asked me if I wanted to participate in something called Flashmob Fridays whereby “this batch of writers-about-comics…will converge in this space and weigh in with their thoughts on the comic chosen for review that week.” I actually participated once in the old iteration.

There are a lot of reasons NOT to do this. For instance, after voraciously reading comics for a couple decades (1972-1992), I found my attraction to the medium had waned considerably. I had issues from 1992-1994 that I never even read, before I sold the bulk of my collection in 1995 or 1996. I have picked up an odd issue or two, usually on Free Comic Book Day, but that is hardly representative.

So I feel like that guy who used to watch movies from 1915 through 1925, then went away from them for a score. Suddenly, he’s watching films that have SOUND! And COLOR! So he’ll either be awed by the new technology, even if it’s a lesser effort, or, conversely, be annoyed/appalled by the changes.

Besides, I’m busy. Competing with the wife and now the daughter for computer time is difficult already; this will just just make it worse.

So why do it? Maybe precisely because it IS scary. I’m not likely to climb a mountain or jump out of a plane. This is, perhaps, as daredevilish as I’m likely to get. Ah – the risk of public humiliation. And being slapped by ADD.

Also, Alan used the word interregnum. I LOVE that word. How the heck am I supposed to ignore THAT?

So look for #flashmobfridays on Twitter. I won’t participate EVERY week, but I’ll try to join in as often as time, and sanity, allow.

0 thoughts on “Flashmob Fridays…and ME?”

  1. It’s a privilege to have you be a part of FMF, Roger. As to doing it because it is scary, I have to admit that’s part of the appeal for me as well, believe it or not. And so far, it’s been a blast. Thanks for saying yes!


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