Want/Give for Christmas? QUESTIONS

I’ve gotten pretty narrow with my Christmas want list, year after year. I always want a new Hess truck and a World Almanac. Every two or three years, a Leonard Maltin Movie Guide. And then I put a bunch of CDs on the Amazon list from which people select one or two; I’ve just added a couple albums by Florence + the Machine, so it’s not ALL 20th Century artists.

As for what I’m giving, except for the wife and daughter, I’m usually utilizing the gift card.

What do you want for Christmas? What are you giving?
Christmas Eve in San Diego
The Tick Loves Santa!
What Shooting Parrots hates about Christmas; see my comment for related disdain.

0 thoughts on “Want/Give for Christmas? QUESTIONS”

  1. I wanted a Blu-Ray disc player, and my wife got us one; I bought the 2009 Star Trek movie because I wanted to see what a spectacular difference it makes in Blu-Ray. It might be 10 percent sharper. Much ado about nothing, but the player also accepts USB flash drives and I think even some sort of wireless mojo, so I’m happy we upgraded.

    As for what I am getting others, the family’s getting gift cards to their favourite shops, because I am terrible at knowing what to buy people. I just don’t have that gene.

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year, Roger!


  2. I’ve learned to be very careful what I say in the lead up to Christmas. Being a man of a certain age, I’m hard to buy for so if I happen to say something like, “I do enjoy a piece of cheese” chances are I will end up with a boxful of cheeses, a cheese themed sweater, a book of 1001 Great Cheese Recipes from Around the World and a DVD on Cheese-Making Made Easy.

    Like you, I’ve learned to spell out exactly what I would like. It spoils the surprise, but spares me the embarrassment of having to say, “Oh, cheese motif cuff-links. How did you guess?”

    Merry Christmas Roger and enjoy your truck.


  3. Gifts are one of the most demanding element for celebrate an occasion widely. In my view chocolate is the top listed one as a gift. So, I’ll go for it. Thanks for a lovely post.


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