Hembeck is 59

It’s interesting to me that, in the past year, the one guy who most influenced me in blogging, comic book artist/scribe Fred Hembeck, has seemingly left the blogosphere. He hasn’t posted a thing since April 10, 2011. He started FredSez on January 1, 2003, and for a several years wrote almost every day, an inspirational pace. But the output slackened in the last couple years before he stopped altogether. Hasn’t used his Twitter account very much anymore.

Seems that his chosen medium is now Facebook, which is fine. He has over 5000 “friends” there. In fact, it’s a better way to contact him than e-mail, in my experience.

For me, though, I know I’ll never go back and peruse anyone’s Facebook or Twitter posts like I read Fred’s blog for the pieces he wrote during the nearly two years before I discovered his blog.

At least I usually get to see Fred twice a year at the comic book show in Albany, although he didn’t make last October because of a freak snowstorm south of Albany, where Fred lives.

But Fred DID make it into other blogs, a couple times as a topic in Jim Shooter’s blog, here and here, plus in the comments here. His artwork was also highlighted by Mike Sterling.

In any case, happy birthday, Fred, old friend. You’re more elderly than I am for five weeks and TWO days this year, because of leap year. Let me know how it is just shy of 60.

0 thoughts on “Hembeck is 59”

  1. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, blogs were the medium for brief posts. Everyone wanted to make lots of brief posts every day.

    But soon a problem arose for the brief posters. You see, a blog demands maintenance. You can’t just walk away from them for a while. Blogs demand that you think about what you are saying, so blogs are really suited for longer posts and articles.

    But then… along came Twitter and Facebook. You can say anything without thinking! (Nothing wrong with that, sometimes thoughtless thoughts are the most thoughtful.) It’s hard to imagine right now, but if someone comes up with something faster and easier than Twitter and Facebook then those will become last year’s hot media, like blogs are now.

    So what I’m saying is… have fun Mr. Hembeck.


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