Random People with Birthdays on March 7

Pictured: Franco Harris and Lynn Swann (with Terry Bradshaw), Hall of Famers all, from the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers

1980 Laura Prepon, actress
1974 Jenna Fisher, actress
1970 Rachel Weisz, actress
1968 Jeff Kent, baseball infielder
1968 Ricky Proehl, NFL wide receiver
1967 Zheng Haixia, WNBA center (Los Angeles Sparks)
1966 Jeff Feagles, NFL punter
1966 Mel Rojas, baseball pitcher
1965 Steve Beuerlein, NFL quarterback
1964 Wanda Sykes, comedian
1962 Taylor Dayne, singer
1961 Mary Beth Evans, actress
1960 Ivan Lendl, tennis pro
1960 Joe Carter, baseball outfielder
1954 Matt Frenette, rock drummer ( Loverboy)
1953 Roger Green, librarian, blogger
1952 Ernie Isley, vocalist and guitarist
1952 Lynn Swann, NFL receiver
1950 Franco Harris, NFL fullback
1946 Matthew Fisher, rock keyboardist (Procol Harum)
1946 Peter Wolf, rock singer (J Geils Band)
1945 John Heard, actor
1944 Townes Van Zandt, musician
1943 Chris White, rock bassist (Zombies)
1942 Michael Eisner, former Disney honcho
1942 Tammy Faye Bakker, television personality
1940 Daniel J. Travanti, actor (Hill St. Blues)
1934 King Curtis, rocker
1934 Willard Scott, weather forecaster
1930 James Broderick, actor
1930 Lord Snowdon, Anthony Armstrong-Jones, photographer
1908 Anna Magnani, actress,
1875 Maurice Joseph Ravel, composer (Bolero)
1849 Luther Burbank, horticulturist
1659 Henry Purcell, organist/composer

0 thoughts on “Random People with Birthdays on March 7”

  1. Happy birthday, Roger, and it’s cool that Matthew Broderick’s dad (and marvelous actor in his own right – remember “Family,” with Kristy MacNichol?) shares your birthday, along with Daniel J. Travanti, one of the cooler actors ever. As for Tammy Faye, please do rent “The Eyes of Tammy Faye,” and you will find a woman who went from homophobic pawn of a megalomaniac adulterer husband to a mom who embraced her gay son and became an ally of the LGBT community. A real journey! Amy


  2. This is a very diverse, talented and interesting group of people born on March 7. I’m so glad to know that one guy who was born in 1953.

    Happy Birthday Roger! Hope you are having a wonderful day.


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