As Happy As Pi(e)

I suppose it’s been obvious, though I had been oblivious. The link between pi, that uncalculatable number starting with 3.14, and pie, the flexible food item that can be the main course (pot pies) or dessert (fruit pies), goes far beyond the homonym relationship.

Most pies are created in a mixing bowl, one that comes in a rounded shape, and then is placed in a pie pan, usually circular in design. Even the cutesy ones, such as those made in the shape of a heart, generally have rounded edges.

Pi, of course is the defining term for the circumference (2πr) or area (πrr) of a circle.

And everyone knows that the circle is perfect; it has no beginning and no ending.

Here’s a link to, “the first and best place on the Web for teachers who want to find or share ideas for Pi Day activities, learning, and entertainment.”

And here is Buffalo blogger and raconteur Jaquandor, a leading advocate of the efficacy of pie, even willing to take one in the face on occasion. You should go to his website and just search for pie.

His blog led me to The World Needs More Pie by Beth Howard, with the tag, “Give a piece a chance.” To that end, she writes:

Why We Should All Bake Pies

“Pie makes people happy. Happy people want to do nice things for others. When everyone is doing nice things for each other all the time there can be no war, and therefore pie can save the world.”

And maybe it can.

0 thoughts on “As Happy As Pi(e)”

  1. Roger, I love this. Remember Andie MacDowell in “Michael,” singing her pie song? And the lovely film “Waitress,” with the song, “Baby, doncha cry, gonna back a pie, gonna back a pie with a heart in the middle.” That one makes me cry because the filmmaker, who played the secondary waitress role, was murdered in her home shortly before the film’s release. That’s actually her little baby in the final shot…

    Finally, the description of Julia Louis-Dreyfuss on “Seinfeld,” that included the phrase, “Face like a pie plate.”

    I’ll all pied out. This was a wonderful post, and especially appreciated the mention of our old “hometown,” Buffalo. You should send this to Walt at Poetic Bloomings, he’s a Buffalo boy! Peace and pie, Amy


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