Not a villainous bone in my body

Hi, Chris-

Recently came across your blog, and I really have been enjoying it, especially your Holy Week post, which was sacrilegious, but funny. I added the blog to my blogroll, which, BTW, was my old blog for five years. (Oh, and to others who might want to be added – please let me know.)

I’ve enjoyed the fact that you’ve been going to other blogs I enjoy, such as Byzantium Shores, even when I disagree with you.

But I am having a bear of a time answering your questions:

Can we do another one?

Well, theoretically, yes.

How about what VILLAIN would you most like to be? Or bad guy, evil spirit, etc. Also, what’s the coolest villain etc.? (Might not be the same; they’re definitely not for me.)

So the real problem is that I think about this far too literally. I might want to have the power of Galactus, but the notion that I could consume whole worlds, and the souls therein is so awful to contemplate. I believe I thought Goldfinger was COOL when I was a kid, but then later felt that suffocation is a lousy way to die.

The only “villains” I ever was drawn to were either silly and not all that harmful, such as Superman’s foe, Mister Mxyzptlk, or the ones that aren’t really evil (Robin Hood, Zorro), or ones who are conflicted (the Hulk, Batman’s Two-Face).

That said, I always was interested in Loki, Thor’s half-brother, at least from the period I was reading comic books, through 1994; I mention this only because characters evolve and I haven’t kept track of him in almost two decades. I think it’s the family dynamic as much as the villain himself that intrigued me.

The Green Goblin, Spider-Man’s arch rival, as a villain, didn’t interest me as much as the fact that Norman, and then later Harry Osborn were known to Peter Parker, even if Peter didn’t know the man behind the mask at the time.

So, villainy doesn’t interest me that much, except in context. That’s as good as I can answer this question, I’m afraid.

Hey, maybe YOU can answer this question in YOUR blog, Chris. Or anyone else can, for that matter.

0 thoughts on “Not a villainous bone in my body”

  1. I always thought Magneto was cool, even if he was from the militant wing of the mutants.

    But Apocalypse was truly awesome: ‘I am the rock on the eternal shore. Crash upon me and be broken.’


  2. I think I would like to be the imposible man, he wasn’t really a villain, but he drove Marvel’s heroes crazy! I like driving pompous people crazy!


  3. I’m having the totally opposite problem. My list is too long. I’m actually breaking it into three separate posts: “My Fantasies: Antiheros”; “My Fantasies: Evil villains” and “Cool Villains,” and limiting myself to three of each.

    I have 20+ contenders for only 3 spots!

    I hope Jaquandor plays, too.


  4. Okay, another one:

    What comic book hero would make the best US president? Or Star Trek character, your choice.

    I ask this one because one of the best political discussions I’ve ever gotten into was “Who from Star Trek would make the best president?” I was utterly shocked at some of the choices!

    Sounds silly, right? Ancient Greek philosophers talked about who from Mt. Olympus was fit for office…


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