Embracing the blogging technology

One of the dumbest things I ever did regarding this blog was starting it in May. That’s because there are three multi-day meetings I have to attend during the year, and two of them are in May. One is my work staff training, which in 2005 was in Lake Placid. It’s only a couple hours from my house, but it’s in the mountains.

The reason I remember this so well was that I would rush from a work session to the public library to post a blog post. If memory serves – and, increasingly, it does not – Blogger didn’t have a mechanism in 2005 whereby one could schedule a post for the next day. (And if it did, I hadn’t figured it out yet.)

It also took me weeks to figure out how to put graphics in my blog. I had READ the manual, but I just didn’t get it, until I finally did. Now, to this day, I still write my blog in Blogger, then copy and paste in WordPress, because I’m too tired/lazy/dense to figure out how to size pictures in WP, and it also serves as backup to my primary blog. The reason I work ahead in my blog is that if/when Blogger breaks down, as it did last year around this time, it doesn’t totally screw me up.

When I started my blog in the Times Union a couple years later, I remember wanting to use a picture of Dudley Do-Right and compare it with then NYS governor Eliot Spitzer. The cartoon graphic was HUGE, larger than the page I was writing on. I had to get the administrator to fix it. Now I just write THOSE pieces in Blogger as well.

I write all of that to say that there may be some low-content days this month. This is not because I can’t think of anything to write; it’s because I don’t have time to write it. On the other hand, I DO have some a significant revelation this month.

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