The Musical Bucket List QUESTIONS

Eddie, in his tribute to Doc Watson, wrote:

“Never, ever pass up a chance to see a true musical legend. Every year we lose a few, and they can never be replaced. A few years ago, a mailing list I belong to started a “bucket list” of acts people want to see before they (the musicians, not the people making the lists) are gone. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen many of mine: [list, including Watson]. There are already more than a few that I’ll never get the chance to see again. And several others I never got the chance to see: [list]. I still need to see [list].”

I wrote: “Regret not seeing the Who in Albany in ’95.” I’m not positive of the year, but the venue was only six blocks from where I worked at the time. Also wished I’d seen James Brown (pictured) in the 1980s, though his erratic performances were what kept me away.

“Saw Billy Joel, Elton John, Dylan [though in fact, I didn’t love the show], Elvis Costello, Lyle Lovett, Joan Baez, Bruce Cockburn, Bruce Springsteen, John Hiatt, the Talking Heads, the Temptations in their near-prime, Four Tops, Go-Gos, Joan Armatrading, Pete Seeger (numerous times).] Also Neville Brothers, Tony Bennett, Herbie Hancock,Crosby, Stills & Nash…

Probably should see [Paul] McCartney.” There are no doubt others.

What artists would be on your bucket list?

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  1. The problem with watching bands these days is that the big names play big venues and it just isn’t same. I went off watching live acts in 1982 when I saw the Rolling Stones at Roundhay Park in Leeds. They were just specks on the distant stage. Not only that, but it took place in the afternoon and rock and roll and daylight don’t mix!

    I hanker back to the days of small(er) intimate venues. I remember seeing Al Green and Joe Tex in the early 70s in what was little more than a village hall, the Temptations and Stevie Wonder at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester and Paul McCartney and Wings at the Hardrock (not the Hard Rock) but those days have gone.


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