The 34 Hour Day QUESTION

I came across this article which referenced “the experts” providing guidelines of how much time you should spend doing different tasks. The total is 34 hours a day, give or take. USA Today did a report some time ago that put the number as 42 hours a day.

So the question must be:
What items on your own list tend to fall by the wayside?
How the heck do you do it all? Have you discovered a breach in the time-space continuum?

For me, I should clean more, but the weekly routine is enough of a drag. Definitely would exercise more. And reading sometimes gets the short shrift.
It was 93 degrees F (34C) in our attic last night at 9 pm. It’s officially too darn hot.

0 thoughts on “The 34 Hour Day QUESTION”

  1. I suppose you could combine things (news with exercise or quality time with exercise, etc.) And it does actually work out better if the 8 hours of work are eliminated two days a week.

    Hm. For me sleep sometimes takes one for the team. Also, even though I’m now technically full time, most weeks definitely do not have 8 hours worth or work for me.

    Sorry it’s hot. I’m hiding in AK this horrible summer (bwhahaha…. 😀 )


  2. I shaved off quite a bit of time to achieve a personal best of 24 hours activity in a day. Reducing exercise by 90% and personal grooming altogether helped, although people tend to give me a wide berth on public transport.

    I was confused by the 18 – 23 minutes shopping depending on whether male or female, but which is which?


  3. In the case of that particular list, obviously people don’t do all those things every day. I’d also be curious to know who the “experts” (complete with scare quotes) are. In any case, I bet that no matter how long the day was, we’d still run out of time.


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