Joe Kubert, and the Olympics (again!)

Joe Kubert, a comic legend best known for his DC war comics, died Sunday morning at the age of 85. Read this piece by Christopher Allen with links to other articles. Here’s a piece by Mark Evanier, plus ADD’s controversial take.

Steve Bissette, who was a student at the Kubert School, writes To Joe, With Love: A Sad Farewell to the Man Who Opened All the Doors. He also wrote on Facebook:
“If you want to do something to express your feelings or help, donations can be made to the Multiple Myeloma Foundation in Joe Kubert’s name; sympathy cards or notices can be sent to the Kubert family c/o the Kubert School, 37 Myrtle Avenue, Dover, NJ 07801. In all ways, be kind.”
This story depressed me thoroughly: Father performs “Let it Be” to raise funds for his 11-month-old’s cancer bills.
“No parent should have to bare their grief to the world, no matter how beautifully, to beg for money to cover the life-saving medical treatment their baby needs. As you see the beauty, be mindful of the injustice in our health care system this represents.”
Fact-checking the Romney-Ryan “60 Minutes” interview. On the other hand, someone (I forget who, fortunately) noted that they have really nice hair, best hair since the Johns Kerry and Edwards in 2004.
Helen Gurley Brown, longtime editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and author of Sex and the Single Girl died at the age of 90. She had as much to do with the sexual revolution of the 1960s, however you think about that, as anyone aside from the makers of The Pill.
I’m not a Boston Red Sox fan, but I always liked Johnny Pesky, who was a great team ambassador for the baseball team for a lot of years.
I thought I was through mentioning the Olympics, I really did, though you might want to read the pieces by Shooting Parrots, the last of which is HERE. Now, Jay Smooth did provide a sarcastic tribute to NBC’s coverage, and that was BEFORE the Closing Ceremonies, which NBC royally screwed up:
“In addition to editing out selected portions and allowing the insipid Ryan Seacrest to host, they broke away before the big finale and the Who to show the pilot of a new sitcom where the big joke was a monkey in a lab coat. There’s a reason NBC is the last network. Even in those rare (once every four years) instances when they get viewers, they manage to royally piss them off. Don’t they realize that interrupting the Closing Ceremonies with a sitcom is the same as flashing a half hour pop up ad?”
Fortunately, America, some of the Olympics items you missed can be seen HERE.

A non-NBC piece about recent piece criticizing American Olympic silver medalist Leo Manzano for waving his native Mexican flag alongside the U.S. flag following his performance in the men’s 1500-meter finals.
PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) for your own aerobic exercise.

0 thoughts on “Joe Kubert, and the Olympics (again!)”

    1. Yes, Alan was complaining about, more sad about, Joe Kubert’s participation on BW, which some folks thought was inappropriate in an obit; I would disagree.
      Alan did redact the part about Joe Paterno, which I am glad about.


  1. Man. I don’t want to open up that can of worms again, but he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about regarding Paterno. I don’t know how vitriolic he was about Kubert (apparently pretty much, given that he claimed working on BW was akin to “covering up child abuse”), but I also agree that if you want to discuss the man’s life, everything is fair game. It seems like the tone of the post was what everyone objected to. So much anger!


  2. There was a snarky post on one of the sites about Caster Sememya, referring to the transgender Olympian as “he, she, or ‘it’,” and following with a truly trashy remark about neutering.

    When will people learn that being trangender in this world is difficult enough without “I got mine and I’m gonna keep ’em” men (and a few women, though men vastly overrun the category) making these types of cracks.

    The torch for the Olympics, though not viewable by the entire city (as is the tradition), was breathtaking both in its presentation and in its message.

    One last thing: Ryan SEACREST? What on earth qualifies him to be an announcer at the Olympics? Also, the woman interviewing swimmers and divers had to be the most inept, least creative person on staff. And I’m sick of America having to take home most of the medals. It makes us look like the greedy nation the richie-riches at the top promote.

    Great post, Rog, sorry for the grumpiness!! Peace, Amy


  3. The baseball world will miss Johnny Pesky. It seems most every team, especially the original 16, have at least one former player that fits into that ambassador category that is really great for the game.


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